Miami Design District (MDD) unveils its enchanting cultural lineup for Art Week 2023 and beyond. This year promises to be a tapestry of artistic narratives, with installations and exhibitions that transcend boundaries and redefine the very essence of contemporary creativity. From the permanent allure of Samuel Ross’s benches to Lara Bohinc’s utopian landscapes, the reimagined Craig Robins Collection, and the dynamic Forms presented by Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch, the MDD is set to become a vibrant hub of artistic exploration. Beyond the district, delve into the immersive world of The Art of Hip Hop, witness the visual odyssey of JR’s Chronicles of Miami, and experience the captivating Stardust Pavilion by Flare. As the cultural heartbeat of Miami comes alive, Art Week 2023 promises a journey of discovery, a celebration of diversity, and an invitation to witness the evolution of art in all its forms.


Samuel Ross Benches Location: Miami Design District

The Miami Design District will introduce a permanent installation by British Artist and Designer, Samuel Ross, in November. Ross, under his industrial design studio SR_A, has crafted three distinct bench designs strategically placed in public spaces and pedestrian walkways. These benches, made of CNC Steel with a powder coating, showcase anamorphic chalk forms, highlighting Ross’s fascination with functionality in public areas. The designs, born from hand sketches and charcoal drawings, offer a unique blend of artistry and utility.


Design Commission 2023 by Lara Bohinc Location: Miami Design District Dates: November 2023 – March 2024

Lara Bohinc has been awarded the 2023 Miami Design District Annual Design Commission. Titled ‘Utopia,’ this commission comprises four installations featuring irregular, bulbous forms reminiscent of growing cellular organisms. The sculptures, made from cork and hand-painted in vibrant hues, envision a city where nature harmoniously coexists with human presence. Curated in collaboration with Design Miami/ Curatorial Lab, ‘Utopia’ promises to captivate visitors and enhance the aesthetic allure of the Design District.


Craig Robins Collection “A Train of Thoughts” Location: DACRA Headquarters, 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137 Dates: December 6 – 8

The Craig Robins Collection, housed in the Dacra headquarters, presents “A Train of Thoughts” – a rehanging of the collection focusing on figuration and conceptualism. This exhibition delves into the juxtaposition of abject figurative images and self-reflexive institutional critique, creating unexpected dialogues. With over 1,300 pieces of contemporary art and innovative design, this collection promises a thought-provoking exploration of modern artistic expressions.


Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch Present ‘Forms’ Location: 35 NE 40th St., Miami, FL 33137 Dates: December 5 – 10

‘Forms’ is the eighth annual group exhibition jointly presented by Jeffrey Deitch and Gagosian during Miami Art Week. This exhibition challenges the historical narrative of modern art, focusing on the interplay between abstraction and figuration. Through various artistic mediums, ‘Forms’ acknowledges and challenges the pathways between these artistic dichotomies, offering a visual feast for art enthusiasts.


The Art of Hip Hop Location: 299 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33127 Dates: Permanent

Curated by Alan Ket & Allison Freidin, founders of The Museum of Graffiti, “The Art of Hip Hop” is an immersive exhibition spotlighting the visual unsung heroes of Hip Hop culture. Showcasing rare vintage ephemera, photographs, album covers, and graffiti art, the exhibition provides a unique exploration of Hip Hop’s history and Miami’s cultural contributions on the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop.


The Chronicles of Miami by JR Location: Jungle Plaza, 3801 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL 33137

French artist JR debuts “The Chronicles of Miami,” a mural inspired by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. This epic composition captures the diversity of Miami’s population through portraits and stories, linked through an augmented reality app. JR’s mural offers an immersive exploration of Miami’s culture and history, inviting viewers to engage with the city’s dynamic tapestry.


Stardust Pavilion by Flare Location: 95 NE 40th St., Miami, FL 33137 Dates: November 2023 – January 2024

Stardust, a 10 ft. tall structure by design studio Flare, marks the beginning of a series of collectible pavilions inspired by XVII Century “Follies.” With a mirrored ceiling, glass walls, and a marble floor, Stardust creates a captivating dance of light and reflection. The structure, along with complementary furniture pieces, offers a sensory experience that engages visitors with its elegant design.


Swampspace Gallery x Spinello Projects Location: 3940 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127 Dates: December 4-9; 11am-5pm

“VALLE DE LÁGRIMAS / VALLEY OF TEARS” presented by Swampspace Gallery in collaboration with Spinello Projects is a montage of ten lurid canvases meditating on popular culture and paying tribute to Mexican fotonovelas of the 1970s. The installation is part of the GAY ERA series featuring a collection of solo shows and projects by artists embodying the rich tapestry of queer experiences and artistic expressions.


Erick & Elliot Jimenez: Reclining Mermaid Location: Corner of NE 2nd Ave. & 40 St., Miami, FL 33137

‘Reclining Mermaid’ is a site-specific billboard by Elliot & Erick Jiménez, first generation Cuban American twin photo duo. The work is a portrait of Yemaya, the deity syncretized with our Lady of Regla in Cuba, and ruler of the seas — her shimmering dress resembling the refraction of the ocean’s surface. The figure is mostly obscured with the exception of her eyes; a customary feature within Elliot & Erick’s artwork, the eyes remaining present in the image serves as posterity to the history of Cuba’s colonialism and blending of Spanish and West African traditions. Reclining Mermaid is part of “Southern Histories”, a series of large-scale works at culturally significant sites to commemorate under-recognized historical narratives connected to Miami’s roots in the American South, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This public work underscores the history of migration from the Caribbean and Latin America to Miami, and the myriad ways in which these cultures transformed the city’s urban fabric over the decades. Produced in collaboration with Spinello Projects and commissioned by Fringe Projects with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.