Nestled amidst the chic designer boutiques of Miami’s bustling Design District, a culinary haven awaits. Mother Wolf, the brainchild of acclaimed Chef Evan Funke, is poised to elevate the city’s gastronomic scene with its homage to the rich culinary heritage of La Cucina Romana. Set to open its doors this fall in collaboration with Ten Five Hospitality, this culinary gem promises an unforgettable dining experience infused with the spirit of Rome.

Strategically located on the corner of 39th and 2nd, Mother Wolf finds its place among the titans of fashion – Gucci, Tom Ford, Dior, and Prada. Yet, it stands out as a beacon of culinary excellence, drawing food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with its tantalizing offerings. Having already made waves in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Mother Wolf arrives in Miami with a well-deserved reputation, boasting two James Beard nominations and a legion of A-list celebrity patrons.

Dan Daley, Managing Partner of Ten Five Hospitality, shares his excitement about Mother Wolf’s arrival, stating, “Chef Evan and I are thrilled to introduce Mother Wolf to the dynamic culinary landscape of Miami—the most vibrant and discerning city in the country at this moment.” Indeed, Miami’s diverse culinary scene provides the perfect canvas for Chef Evan Funke’s culinary artistry.

For Chef Evan, Mother Wolf is more than just a restaurant—it’s a homage to the Eternal City itself. Drawing inspiration from Rome’s mosaic of culinary traditions, Chef Evan is eager to transport diners on a journey through the flavors and aromas of Italy’s capital. “I’m excited to be bringing the mosaic of culinary traditions of Rome to Miami, a city that is overflowing with culture and endless experiences,” says Funke.

At Mother Wolf, expect to indulge in dishes that pay homage to centuries-old recipes while embracing Chef Evan’s innovative twists. From classic Roman pastas like Cacio e Pepe and Amatriciana to hearty mains featuring succulent meats and seasonal produce, every bite at Mother Wolf is a celebration of Italy’s culinary legacy.

But it’s not just about the food at Mother Wolf; it’s about the entire experience. The restaurant’s chic and inviting ambiance, coupled with warm hospitality, creates the perfect setting for memorable gatherings with friends and family. Whether you’re savoring a leisurely meal or enjoying a lively evening out, Mother Wolf promises to leave a lasting impression.

As Miami continues to evolve as a culinary hotspot, Mother Wolf emerges as a shining star, offering a taste of Rome’s timeless charm in the heart of the Magic City. With Chef Evan Funke at the helm and the support of Ten Five Hospitality, Mother Wolf is poised to become a beloved fixture in Miami’s vibrant dining scene, inviting guests to embark on a culinary journey unlike any other. So mark your calendars and prepare your palates—Mother Wolf is coming to town, and it’s ready to redefine Miami’s culinary landscape, one unforgettable meal at a time.