With the resounding success of its Aspen location, Plus Plus Group is poised to make a grand entrance in the Sunshine State with the highly anticipated arrival of Madame Ushi Miami this fall. Renowned as a celebrity hot spot, Madame Ushi Aspen has attracted guests from Justin Bieber to Jeff Bezos, captivating diners with its luxurious blend of classical cooking techniques and modern flair. Nestled next to its exclusive, invite-only lounge Gala Miami, Madame Ushi Miami promises to elevate the area’s culinary scene with its feminine-spirited ambiance and innovative cuisine featuring partnerships with opulent brands like Chrome Hearts

Named to evoke femininity – “Madame” refers to a lady, and “Ushi” refers to ox or cattle in Japanese – Madame Ushi is an intimate and indulgent affair of Japanese cuisine.

“With the opening of Madame Ushi Miami, our aim is to infuse the spirit of Miami with the renowned culinary legacy we’ve cultivated in Aspen,” said Executive Chef Jake Eaton. “By blending contemporary Japanese cuisine with global fine dining techniques, we’re adding another layer of sophistication to the neighborhood while giving Gala guests a premier dining option before their festivities. As we join other nearby luxury destinations, we’re confident we’ll collectively elevate the area’s prestige with a steadfast commitment to perfecting both our ambiance and menu.”

The Menu
With Plus Plus Group Corporate Chef Jake Eaton’s expertise and vision, including his tenure at Nobu Miami, guests will find a curated selection of Japanese dishes, from warm and cool tastings to indulgent rolls. Delicate Chilean Sea Bass with sweet corn miso and savory Kurobuta Pork Ribs with eel BBQ sauce are complemented by refreshing dishes like the Tuna Tataki made with a mango gochujang ponzu, showcasing Miami’s fresh mangos. Guests will also find a taste of luxury with the Wagyu and White Truffle Ramen and the decadent Chrome Hearts Roll, an exclusive roll in partnership with luxury brand Chrome Hearts that sends guests home with their own branded chopsticks. 

The Design
Every design detail has been meticulously curated to craft a sophisticated and intimate environment, from the plush banquettes to the marble accents and adjustable mood lighting. As guests step through the doors, they are greeted by a striking suspended ceiling installation featuring tiered brass rods on a circular frame complemented by rich wood paneling. The main dining room boasts a stunning hand-painted mural, adding a unique artistic touch to the space.

Conveniently located at 247 23rd St., Miami Beach, FL 33139, the 4,500-square-foot restaurant is poised to become a landmark destination in the neighborhood. Moreover, Madame Ushi Miami is set to bring about 100 new jobs to the market. 

About Plus Plus Group

Plus Plus Group began in 2019 with the goal of redefining the nightlife industry. Today, the group has three distinctive concepts: Gala, Madame Ushi and Signora, a new coastal Italian restaurant opening in Miami in 2025 that pays homage to the feminine spirit with a seafood-centric menu. Each of the group’s concepts has a different vibe – from musical playlists to eye-catching murals and culinary concepts – that caters to the clientele of the venue’s particular city and crowd. Yet all share the same cohesive feeling, down to the taste of the food and the consummate Plus Plus Group service. Founder Jojo Lahoud plans to expand globally and establish additional outposts for Gala. For more information, visit plusplusgroup.com.