Monkey Shoulder Whisky and the internationally renowned Worldwide FM founded by DJ Gilles Peterson, have launched today Studio Monkey Shoulder, a new global initiative established to support and celebrate mixed music and grassroots music communities around the world. In its first year, Studio Monkey Shoulder will award a $60,000 fund to be split amongst several musically- vibrant cities worldwide which will support bringing projects to life that celebrate those local music communities. Of those funds, $12,000 will be going to one Miami-based community here in the U.S. who is trailblazing the mixed music scene in South Beach.

“Empowering those at the forefront of music culture is exactly why I started Worldwide FM and what is exciting about the opportunity we have with Studio Monkey Shoulder” said Gilles Peterson, “there are so many ingredients that make Miami an exciting and different place – it’s an important hub of music because of the Latin and Cuban connection which I’ve always had a love affair with, along with a rich history in dance music. There are also some great studios in Miami, where classic records were made. I can’t wait to see how this tradition is evolving and how Miami’s grassroots music communities are moving it forward.”

As a part of Studio Monkey Shoulder, the winning Miami music community will also receive invaluable mentoring, exposure and collaboration from Worldwide FM. With the help of its legacy and decades of expertise in music, they alongside Monkey Shoulder, will aid in all aspects of their community showcase – project development, production assistance, content creation and creative inspiration for their project. Culminating on a global broadcast on Worldwide FM will be a showcase of the communities’ stories, interviewed by Gilles Peterson and produced by the acclaimed radio station.

“Miami embodies Monkey Shoulder’s playful ethos and passion for creativity, which is why we’ve been showing up in some of the city’s most lively cultural spaces and events, like Miami Art Week and our beloved Disco Nap parties. Miami’s music scene, rich with energy and personality, is where Monkey Shoulder wanted to create even more noise,” said Giulia Friedman, Brand Manager, Monkey Shoulder, U.S. “To jump in with such legends of underground music, we know Studio Monkey Shoulder will be giving back in a real way and growing the impact of these mixed music communities.”

The places where people connect, create, innovate and discover new sounds – including online radio stations, underground venues, rehearsal spaces, local festivals, club nights, studios and record shops – are the lifeblood of vibrant local music scenes. Through the backing of established pioneers in the music industry, Studio Monkey Shoulder will support these crucial spaces around the world for years to come. In 2024, in addition to Miami, the platform will be celebrating music communities in the UK, Taiwan, Nigeria and India.

As a 100% malt Scotch whisky that has worked to champion mixed music communities across the globe, Monkey Shoulder is poised to further share its norm-challenging spirit to the Miami music scene. Much like the cocktails it inspires, Monkey Shoulder will spotlight the contemporary and playful style of mixed music, and support the trailblazers who enrich their city’s music scene.

Applications to the Studio Monkey Shoulder fund are open now until May 9, 2024. To apply and learn more, please visit