In the pulsating heart of Miami, where the beat of Latin rhythms mingles with the salty breeze off the Atlantic, locals seek culinary adventures that transcend the ordinary. To discover the city’s best-kept secrets, venture beyond the glitz of South Beach and delve into tucked-away restaurants nestled in historic buildings, retail sanctuaries, and even atop unassuming eateries.


Coral Gables

Nestled in the historic La Palma building in Coral Gables is omakase, restaurant SHINGO from critically acclaimed Chef Shingo Akikuni. Located behind an unmarked door of the historic building, leads guests to a scene taken from an omakase den in Japan. Offering traditional Japanese delicacies made with pristine ingredients, SHINGO combines the authenticity of Japanese culture and formal dining to enhance the sushi tasting and elevate the omakase experience. The 14-seat omakase restaurant offers guests a rotating 18-course menu featuring a number of Japanese nigiri, seasonal sashimi and Yakimono dishes.


Calle Ocho

Found atop of Taquerias El Mexicano lies MadRoom Hospitality’s iconic speakeasy, Los Altos — a mezcal-fueled lounge that redefines nightlife along Calle Ocho. Drawing inspiration from clandestine drinking dens of the Prohibition era, this hidden gem offers an escape concealed by a facade reminiscent of a true Mexican candy shop, representing a fusion of Mexican vibrancy and speakeasy sophistication. Bringing an authentic Mexican experience to Little Havana’s predominantly Cuban community, the speakeasy awaits guests with a sleek metal bar, sugar-skull decor, delectable bites and mezcal- and tequila- infused cocktails.


Miami Beach

Tucked away within the grand theater, El Secreto is Faena Theater’s private Art Deco-styled bar perfect for intimate gatherings of 15 guests or fewer. The venue doubles as El Secreto Omakase from James Beard Award winning chef, Paul Qui, where he unfolds an ultra-exclusive speakeasy style Omakase experience at the six-seat bar. Blending Tokyo-style sushi and Kyoto-style kaiseki into an unparalleled tasting menu that’s prepared and served for a mouthwatering culinary journey. Guests can Indulge in the highest-quality seafood from around the world and relish in ever-evolving dishes and ingredients such as line-caught fish flown in daily, innovative vegetable dishes, sea urchin from Hokkaido, sustainable bluefin tuna from Baja and Sanuki Olive Wagyu from Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. For bookings, please contact or  305-534-8800.


In Miami, the true essence of its culinary scene lies beyond the glittering facade. It’s in the hidden corners, where innovative chefs craft unforgettable experiences, and where every bite tells a story of passion and creativity. So, dare to explore, and uncover the hidden treasures that await in the Magic City.