Miami is one of the top-ranking tech hubs in the US. Forbes’ new ranking of emerging tech hubs in the US rated ‘The Magic City’ 2nd, ahead of New York and Austin.

The Miami Guide sat down with Marie Berry, Chief Marketing Officer at TheVentureCity, to talk about the reason for Miami’s rapid growth and how your startup can follow the trend.

Marie is a 2x founder and angel investor, having built Kara, and enterprise SaaS platform with customers like and Beats by Dre and TikTok, which was acquired by a leading out-of-home adtech company in early 2021. This marks her second martech exit. She is also an active angel investor and startup mentor, founding member of Dreamers & Doers – a community for entrepreneurial women, and a member of several networks.

We talked about startups that they helped succeed and how Web3 and Blockchain technology helps unlock a new type of scaling where talent has no zipcode and companies have no borders.


TheVentureCity is a global early stage venture fund that sees beyond borders and refuses to follow the conventional crowd. Offering promising founders investment to grow their products, with data insights and hands-on expertise.

Marie’s mission at TheVentureCity will be twofold: as CMO, she will elevate their brand; as Operating Partner, she will accompany startups on their journey with invaluable mentorship in messaging and brand development.

TheVentureCity has multiple offices in the United States and Europe, and over $150M in management. They want startups or first-time entrepreneurs with a killer web3 app with global ambitions to know that TheVentureCity is the place for them because they’re one of few funds offering an experienced in-house data science and product team.


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