Monkey Shoulder Whisky and Secret Walls, the world’s premier live art event, have joined forces to create Battle of the Bars, a high-octane, live art and mixology competition. The first stop takes to Miami on April 27, bringing together South Beach’s top bartenders and artists from varying disciplines to battle it out for bragging rights as the region’s best of their trade.

Open to the public (aged 21+) at Skatebird Miami, Battle of the Bars is a multi-sensory experience that helps stars – whether bartenders or artists – shine. Created to pair the best of mixology with the best of the local arts scene, Battle of the Bars will see two teams – each with two artists and two bartenders – go head-to-head in a next-level competition pitting skill against skill.

“Monkey Shoulder knows that cocktail making is an art form in its own right,” said Giulia Friedman, Brand Manager, Monkey Shoulder, U.S. “That’s why we partnered with Secret Walls to bring Battle of the Bars to Miami with an added twist – the inclusion of top mixologists showing off the artistry of their craft. It’s a mashup of the very best of Miami, from its artists to its bartenders, complete with a cheeky, competitive flair. Game on!”

High-Energy Competition Format
Battle of the Bars kicks off with the artist having 90 minutes and only a white canvas with black paint to create vivid art using surprise Monkey Shoulder ‘easter eggs.’ In tandem, the bartenders will be battling to make unique Monkey Shoulder cocktails, with attendees welcome to try the drinks throughout the competition. A judge and decibel reader of crowd cheers will crown the ultimate winners across both the final art piece and cocktail!

Secret Walls Mission Meets Monkey Shoulder
Secret Walls’ mission extends beyond entertainment to drive community engagement and celebration. Its mantra – support your local artist, or ‘SYLA’ – is representative of its continued support of collaboration and creativity. Bringing Battle of the Bars to Miami is an extension of this mission, and doing so with Monkey Shoulder, a brand committed to local artists and music communities, ensures that all can not only be entertained, but gather, celebrate, and be inspired.

“Our ‘SYLA’ mentality becomes even more important as new communities emerge, new artists are discovered, new tech evolves, and new stories unfold,” said Kevin Collins, CEO Secret Walls. “That’s why supporting local individuals and establishments – specifically in the arts – is especially significant in our ever-changing world. We’re so proud to produce this event alongside Monkey Shoulder to highlight the creatives on the ground who are truly transforming Miami’s culture.”


Artist & Bartender Competitors

The artists and bartenders participating in Battle of the Bars include:


Artist: ABSTRK: Enrique Mas (ABSTRK) is a Multidisciplinary Cuban American artist from

Miami. Self-taught, his work is engaged in public art projects, murals, 2D and 3D gallery/studio work, digital art, as well as product/apparel design. ABSTRK’s diversity in style comes from influences in traditional fine art, graffiti, and pop culture.

Artist: Surge: Born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, Postgraffisim artist, Surge, has taken his bold, unmistakable style straight from his sketchbooks to the sun-stained streets of South Florida and beyond. Surge’s love for cartoons and brilliant colors, along with a passion for hip hop culture, has shaped his artistic identity and resulted in work that can now been seen everywhere from walls in Miami’s legendary Wynwood Arts District to live painting performances during some of the area’s most high-profile events.

Bartenders: JuJu Ospina and Jesus Pérez



Artist: KRIS MARKOVICH: Venturing thru a Kris Markovich painting is like rolling on a skateboard at max speed. Images both blurred and in focus swirl past you, recognizable faces, layer upon layer of experience, visions and paints evoke a revolutionary primitive and elevated world. Kris is a true skateboarder. Like the renegade street style of running to Home Depot for ramp building supplies, the same rings true with his painting techniques. Now working with different kinds of techniques – brushes, paints, and a variety of mixed medias – Kris indulges his love and passion onto much larger pieces of wood with the same forward motion of building and attacking a skate spot.

Artist: Stephanie Melissa: Stephanie Melissa is a visual artist who has cultivated seamless patterns by taking freeform line work to create unique energetic portals. Her work is made up of many lines and shapes, what she calls Doodles, that coalesce to form a pleasing representation of unity and diversity. Her work is an artistic paradox, a dance between simplicity and complexity.

Bartenders: Stephen Wicker and Jay Pink


Monkey Shoulder, The 100% Malt Whisky

Monkey Shoulder, like the artists and bartenders participating in Battle of the Bars, was made to challenge the norm. With tasting notes of zesty orange combined with vanilla, honey and spiced oak, Monkey Shoulder ditches the stuffy rules of whisky for a contemporary, playful style.


Event & Ticket Info

Following Miami, Monkey Shoulder and Secret Walls will take Battle of the Bars to additional cities across the country, including Austin, Denver, and Chicago. Battle of the Bars Miami, which is open to the public and free of charge (aged 21+), will take place on April 27 from 7pm – 10pm at Skatebird Miami. To get tickets, please visit the Eventbrite page.