This January, Eureka! Restaurant Group and Grupo Carolo Hospitality will open The Amalfi Llama, an exciting new restaurant concept at Esplanade at Aventura, a new open-air retail, entertainment and culinary destination. Inspired by cultures stretching from Patagonia’s countryside to the Mediterranean’s Italian coast, The Amalfi Llama utilizes live-fire cooking – a masterful fire-manipulating technique found in many cultures – smoke, coals and embers to prepare meat, seafood, and vegetables to seductively smoky perfection. 


Guests of The Amalfi Llama will be welcomed by warm, modern farmhouse interiors, where natural light reflects off pale woods, antique mirror and neutral finishes, and organic design elements with pops of native greenery and art made from Peruvian llama tassels. Two soaring wine displays lead guests into the expansive 9,595-square-foot space, which includes a 7,734-square-foot, 157-seat dining room anchored by a live-fire grill and wood-burning oven that beckons guests to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of wood-fired dishes crackling over hot embers. Two lively bars provide an intimate experience for guests. The front bar, adorned with lounge seating for 11, promises a snug and exclusive ambiance. Meanwhile, the central 30-seat bar offers patrons panoramic views that extend seamlessly between the indoor and outdoor surroundings  A unique and cozy dining experience also awaits on the two patios, where guests can dine under canopies of trees, candles and lanterns illuminating fire pits and contemporary wood furniture. The patio areas total 1,861 square feet and 92 seats and are complete with weatherized drop-down shades. 


“One of the earliest known innovations of humankind is harnessing the beauty of fire,” explained Eduardo Gomez, CEO of Eureka! and Grupo Carolo. “It’s a timeless art form that results in dishes that draw people in like smoke signals. The Amalfi Llama’s spectacle of smoke in its live-fire cooking further flavors the food for an authentic farm-to-table approach unique to South Florida’s culinary scene.”


The expansive menu features a selection of coastal Italian dishes, with starters like Beef Carpaccio with prime beef, Parmigiano Reggiano topped with arugula and Cedar-Roasted Burrata with cherry tomato and charred leek. Comforting pasta dishes include Spicy Lobster Spaghetti with cherry tomato, pomodoro lobster sauce and chili aioli; Baked Taglioni with prosciutto cotto and Parmigiano Reggiano; and more. Signature wood-fired pizzas include Alla Positano with salami, pepperoncini and a drizzle of spicy honey; Roasted Mushroom with decadent white truffle oil; and others. Italian creations will be served alongside Latin-inspired live-fire parrilla-style dishes from the “Meat & Sea” portion of the menu, including the Tomahawk steak and 3- or 6-ounce Wagyu, accompanied by béarnaise, mustard greens chimichurri or au jus; Grilled Chicken with roasted mushrooms and grilled onions; and Branzino, served fire-grilled or sea-salted with lemon, capers and olive oil. 


The bar program offers a diverse range of handcrafted cocktails designed to further elevate the experience through innovation, sophistication and visual appeal. From bold Negroni variations like the Negroni di Amalfi and Kingston Negroni to the unique Sunkissed Martini infused with sun-dried tomatoes and white peppercorn, the menu caters to spirits enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. The Ube Puff and Purple Orchid are standouts among the “Specialty Cocktails,” boasting eccentric ingredients such as ube syrup and butterfly pea tea-infused tequila. For those seeking non-boozy options, the menu offers “Zero-Proof Cocktails” such as the Mojito and Pineapple Sour. Catering to any palate, the menu also includes “Refreshers” like the Basilico Fresco and Peach Bellini, as well as specialty sodas.


The Amalfi Llama’s sommeliers have curated an extensive selection of wines from Argentina, Italy and the United States to complement the coastal menu. Guests can explore various wine varietals and price points, embarking on a culinary and wine journey across three beautiful regions.


With The Amalfi Llama poised for its Miami debut, Eureka! Restaurant Group and Grupo Carolo boast over 56 restaurants throughout the United States and Mexico City. Eureka! Restaurant Group is a dynamic culinary powerhouse committed to energy, discovery and community. Across 30 restaurants, the hospitality group brings authentic food made with local ingredients, unparalleled hospitality and an energetic, welcoming atmosphere to each community. Grupo Carolo is a family-owned enterprise known for its impressive portfolio of iconic, fashionable restaurant brands. Together, they look forward to opening more locations of The Amalfi Llama (with San Diego as the next destination) while continuing to elevate the dining experience across a diverse range of cuisines. 


The Amalfi Llama is currently hiring, with plans to hire 260 team members. Applicants for both front- and back-of-house positions can visit to apply. 


About The Amalfi Llama

The Amalfi Llama reimagines the culinary landscape by seamlessly merging the allure of a rustic live-fire steakhouse with the flavors of Italian cuisine, affordably priced culinary haven where genuine cooking, down-to-earth cuisine and stylish flair intertwine. Guests embark on a journey from Southern Patagonia to the Mediterranean coast of Italy as they indulge in a multisensory experience that transcends boundaries – from the soothing cream decor to the intimate ambiance of crackling embers accompanied by the melodies of vintage Italian vinyls. Embracing the essence of a modern farmhouse, The Amalfi Llama revolves around an open parrilla grill and wood-burning oven, harnessing fire, smoke, coals and embers to craft dishes that pay homage to coastal cultures across Patagonia and Italy. The restaurant’s ethos also meets design with Latin American and Mediterranean influences, resulting in an inviting environment adorned with light woods, natural light and subtly elegant finishes, defying traditional steakhouse and Italian restaurant conventions. The Amalfi Llama will soon deliver its ethos to two of the U.S.’s most attractive markets: Miami (Aventura) and San Diego. For more information, visit and follow @TheAmalfiLlama on Instagram


About Eureka! Restaurant Group

Eureka! Restaurant Group is a dynamic culinary powerhouse overseeing a portfolio of 30 operational restaurants (and an additional six in development), collectively generating an impressive $150 million in sales. Housing three innovative brands in collaboration with Grupo Carolo – Eureka!, La Popular CDMX and the upcoming Amalfi Llama – the group’s offerings epitomize energy, discovery and community. Rooted in scratch-kitchen expertise and enriched by an acclaimed cocktail program, Eureka! Restaurant Group redefines dining through its captivating concepts and unwavering commitment to exceptional experiences. For more information, visit and follow @EatDrinkEureka on Instagram and Facebook


About Grupo Carolo Hospitality

Grupo Carolo is a family-owned enterprise renowned as a leading operator of upscale and fashionable restaurants across Mexico City. Celebrated for an impressive portfolio of iconic restaurant brands, including Blanco Colima, Blanco Castelar, Carolo, Aromas, Cachava and Farina, the group’s mission centers on upholding social responsibility and prioritizing guest contentment within an ambiance of warmth and excellence. Committed to fostering employee growth, Grupo Carolo embraces professional development for its diverse workforce, encompassing individuals with functional differences. The group aspires to solidify its position as a prestigious culinary collective, uniting Mexico’s finest restaurant brands to offer a delectable array of gourmet cuisine. For more information, visit