NOMADE invites you to be a part of a new experience, where the intimate and the organic fuse creating the perfect conditions to enjoy a world class musical moment. This new concept of intimate concerts creates the perfect space for artists to express themselves freely and get out there, generating a connection with their audience and vice versa, resulting in this meticulously cared for and cozy environment, ideal for those who wish to live unique moments and experience new sensations that exacerbate all their senses.

The name of this innovative proposition surges from the idea of being in constant movement and creating pop up spaces in a variety of formats, striving to achieve a boutique style where the only interaction possible is between the musician, their songs, and the listener. Every week a different location with the purpose of taking NOMADE to every corner of Miami.

“With intimacy and silence as our banners, we collectively create an environment where relaxing and letting go of everyday stress and distraction becomes inevitable” Simon Benegas.

NOMADE disembarks in Miami, after their success in Argentina, with Simon Benegas, Singer Songwriter who started this project in Buenos Aires in late 2016, after finishing his North American Tour. Feeling the need to create a space for expression and organic exchange between artists and listeners, he co-created, together with his bandmate Jeronimo Saravia, this unique community of musicians and music lovers.

“In NOMADE what we look for specifically is that, original artists, unique, with whom people can live a distinctive experience every time they come”

This way a unique environment is formed, where artists can express their talent and listeners can enjoy a moment of sublime musical connection in a relaxed and well cared for atmosphere. A community. NOMADE.

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