Henrique Sá Pessoa, Portugal’s top celebrated chef and owner of two-Michelin star restaurant Alma, announces the debut of Sereia, located in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, which opens to the public on March 1. This culinary venture marks the start of a partnership between Sá Pessoa and Sault Hospitality, founded by Miami hospitality veterans Jourdan Binder, Sven Vogtland, and Alan Drummond. 

Sereia is a modern, seafood-forward restaurant inspired by the Iberian coast and Sá Pessoa’s travels, a cumulation of flavors from his rich culinary history paired with a lifetime of experience working in some of the best restaurants around the world. Sereia features cuisine with depth, featuring the finest ingredients supported by sophisticated techniques. 

Coming off a recent string of successful new openings, Sá Pessoa had long set his sights on the US, and Miami specifically, for some time. “I fell in love with American culture after an exchange program I participated in during high school, followed by culinary school. The US is where I discovered my passion for hospitality, along with years spent traveling around the world and developing my skills and palate. When I started visiting Miami, I fell in love with the beaches, the vibrant culture and recently the growing hospitality scene. After spending time here with the Sault team, I realized there was a real opportunity to open a seafood-forward restaurant with bold, new flavors. “After almost a decade of friendship and closely witnessing the Sault team’s journey, partnering with them for my inaugural U.S. restaurant felt not only natural but destined.”


The Menu

Sereia’s brightest spotlight shines on the seafood program, showcasing an array of imported and local catches, like Carabineiro (Scarlett Prawn) found in the deep, cold waters off the coast of Algarve in Southern Portugal, finished with a seafood rice. A standout signature seafood dish includes the Cataplana, a traditional fish stew. While seafood makes up the majority of the Sereia menu, guests can expect standout main courses like the suckling pork confit with black pigs from the Iberian peninsula in Spain and Portugal. The crudo bar provides an immersive experience for guests, allowing Sereia’s chefs to guide the experience through an expertly curated tasting menu. The custom tinned fish menu, sourced and selected by Henrique, packs big flavors into small packages. Newer to the US dining scene, but the tinned fish movement has been a staple on menus at tapas bars and restaurants across Europe. The dinner menu will also feature a selection of Henrique’s signature petiscos (Portuguese tapas). 


The bar program showcases expertly crafted cocktails that reflect the essence of Sá Pessao’s menu, incorporating key ingredients. The ‘Iberian Mist’ is a blend of Croft Brandy, Madeira, peach, and cinnamon, with a tableside presentation finished using an Iberico Ham essence made from reduced Iberico trimmings. Embracing the significance of port wine in Portuguese culture, the ‘Blue Port and Tonic‘ features white port wine, celery, Blue Magik powder, bitter orange, and elderflower tonic.


Portugal, once overshadowed by destinations like Spain and France, in recent years has gained recognition and popularity. The small Iberian nation is now basking in its well-deserved moment in the sun, firmly establishing itself as a global leading culinary destination.


The Team 

Henrique Sá Pessao

In addition to Alma, Sá Pessoa serves as the chef/owner at a range of restaurants in his homeland of Portugal, including Tapisco, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa Food Corner – Time Out Market, Balcão El Corte Inglês Gourmet Experience, Vinha Boutique Hotel, and Atelier. His culinary influence extends globally with restaurants like Arca (Amsterdam), JOIA (London), and Chiado (Macao). He was appointed Gourmet Men of the Year 2017 by GQ Magazine, Best Chef Awards Top 100 in 2022 and 2023, as well as an ambassador for Estrella Damm, where he is in good company among other culinary icons including Joan Roca, Andoni Aduriz, and Albert Adrià. Renowned for his international TV appearances, cookbooks, and the prestigious two Michelin Star restaurant Alma, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa is a key figure in modern Portuguese cuisine, even guiding Anthony Bourdain on a culinary journey through Lisbon on ‘No Reservations’ and Phil Rosenthal on an episode of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’.


Jourdan Binder

With over 15 years of influential contributions to Miami’s hospitality scene, Binder, a seasoned entrepreneur, and Miami native, founded The Workshop, the go-to creative agency for Miami’s most preeminent hospitality and lifestyle institutions. A dynamic force, Binder has been an understated partner in some of Miami’s most beloved concepts including The Anderson Bar and more recently, partnering with Vogtland and Drummond to open Dante’s HiFi – Miami’s first vinyl record bar.  


“When we found the Sereia space, Sven, Alan and I immediately thought about Henrique. Having been friends with, and admired him for years, we knew he was the only one we wanted to partner with” said Binder, partner at Sereia and Sault Hospitality. “Sereia is the collective of what all of the partners do well – harmonizing all elements for a complete dining experience. Our goals and aspirations for this restaurant are extremely high as we look to positively impact the evolving dining scene in Miami and beyond. We believe the city is looking for something new and with Henrique’s pedigree and our local experience, we are excited to share our vision for modern dining with our community. This is truly a passion project and something we had to do.” 


Sven Vogtland

Vogtland started his career at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu Hotel Management School. Following his time there, he was recruited into the Ritz-Carlton hotel group as the Director of Restaurants and regional Sommelier. Working across various locations, including Orlando, St. Thomas, Fort Lauderdale, Grand Cayman, and New Orleans, Vogtland continued to accumulate valuable experience. During this period, he crossed paths with Drummond. A few years later, Vogtland seized an opportunity at The Setai Miami Beach, assuming the role of director of restaurants. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in achieving the prestigious AAA Five Diamond status accolade for the hotel. Before venturing out and establishing his own brands, Vogtland expanded his hospitality and culinary expertise as the food and beverage director for both Barton G and Versace Mansion.


Alan Drummond

Drummond, proficient in seven languages, obtained his bachelor’s degree in marketing and hospitality from the prestigious Les Roches Hospitality University in Switzerland. Upon graduating with honors, he embarked on a career in the hospitality industry, undergoing corporate training at both the renowned Ritz-Carlton and Starwood chains. Having held positions in diverse locations such as Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, London, Brussels, Geneva, St. Thomas in the Caribbean, and New York, Drummond acquired extensive experience in hotel operations and management functions, contributing a distinctive and global perspective to his professional journey. Additionally, Drummond, serving as a Sommelier, contributed his expertise to the Michelin 2-star restaurant Restaurant Parc des Eaux-Vives in Switzerland. 


The Design

Crafted by award-winning Bishop Design, Sereia’s interiors subtly reference the ocean, its environment, and its surrounding landscapes. Cream tones grace countertops and tables, natural woods, furniture’s curves and textured elements, and rich blue and green fabrics evoke the essence of the Iberian coasts. The space intentionally avoids any sense of stuffiness, prioritizing comfort through simplicity and approachability while exuding an underlying elegance. 


The 125-seat restaurant features an indoor and outdoor dining room, a full bar, and an omakase-style crudo bar, as well as a PDR for up to 12 guests, which will be available for private events, chef-tasting experiences, and more. 


The Neighborhood 

Coconut Grove has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years transitioning into a dynamic dining destination. Sereia is located in the heart of the neighborhood on Main Highway, close to several Michelin-rated chefs and restaurants including Los Felix and Ariete. Sereia is poised to be an exciting addition to the exploring culinary community in Miami, catering to the cultural melting pot and diverse audience that Miami attracts, and continuing to cement Miami as one of the best culinary cities in the US. Sault Hospitality had previously announced the purchase of House of Caesar and subsequent leases at 3540 Main Highway in Coconut Grove in an off-market transaction in June 2023.

About Sereia 

Sereia is a modern seafood-focused restaurant by acclaimed Two-Michelin star Portuguese chef Henrique Sá Pessoa and the visionaries behind Sault Hospitality—Jourdan Binder, Sven Vogtland, and Alan Drummond. Inspired by the Iberian coast and Sá Pessoa’s global travels, Sereia’s menu is a cumulation of techniques and foreign flavors from his rich culinary history paired with a lifetime of experience working in some of the best restaurants around the world. Sereia features cuisine with depth, featuring the finest ingredients supported by sophisticated techniques. Located in the heart of Coconut Grove on Main Highway, Sereia’s 125-seat venue includes indoor and outdoor dining, a full bar, a private dining room for up to 12 guests offering curated chef’s tasting menus, and a crudo bar, embodying simplicity, approachability, and an underlying elegance. Sereia will be open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, 6-11 pm . Address: 3540 Main Highway, Miami FL. Valet is available. Reservations through OpenTable. Instagram @SereiaMiami, www.sereia.miami