Miami’s culinary landscape is ablaze with excitement as the Michelin Guide bestows its coveted stars upon seven new restaurants. These additions promise to elevate the city’s gastronomic scene, providing an array of diverse and delectable options for discerning food enthusiasts.


Ossobuco: Grill-Centric Delights in Wynwood

Located in Wynwood, Ossobuco takes diners on a global journey with a focus on grill-centric cuisine. Chef Guillermo Eleicegui crafts an immersive experience with dishes inspired by culinary traditions worldwide. From burrata and shaved zucchini to Wagyu Denver steak and lamb chops, Ossobuco invites patrons to savor a symphony of flavors centered around meat, vegetables, fire, and wood. (62 NW 27th St., Miami)


SHINGO: Japanese Culinary Mastery

In Coral Gables, SHINGO, chef Shingo Akikuni’s namesake restaurant, introduces patrons to the pinnacle of Japanese culinary excellence. The 14-seat establishment offers 18 courses featuring traditional Japanese nigiri, seasonal sashimi, and premium sake pairings. With a gallery showcasing Japanese creations, SHINGO provides a comprehensive experience that captures the essence of Japanese cuisine and culture. (112 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables)


EntreNos: A Florida Love Affair

Nestled in Miami Shores, EntreNos emerges as a culinary love letter to the Sunshine State. Chefs Evan Burgess and Osmel Gonzalez orchestrate a symphony of cross-cultural flavors with their hyper-seasonal a la carte menu. From dry-aged ribeye to golden tilefish and a tantalizing pumpkin flan ice cream, EntreNos invites diners on a delightful journey through Florida’s rich culinary offerings. (9840 NE Second Ave., Miami, )



Kaori: Where Elegance Meets Fusion

In the heart of Brickell, Kaori beckons with an upscale menu of Asian fusion delights. Wagyu and foie gras gyoza, bluefin tuna in coconut-lime sauce, and Ora King salmon showcase the culinary prowess of this intimate restaurant and listening bar. Elegant and immersive, Kaori promises a dining experience that honors cultural heritage with each exquisitely crafted dish. (871 S. Miami Ave., Miami, )


Maty’s: Peruvian Roots, Modern Flair

Under the culinary guidance of chef Valerie Chang, Maty’s in Midtown offers a modern interpretation of rustic Peruvian cuisine. Drawing inspiration from her childhood and familial roots, Chang’s menu features highlights like black grouper, oxtail saltado, tuna tiradito, and a diverse cocktail program. Maty’s stands as a family-oriented gem, embracing the warmth and flavors of Peruvian culinary traditions. (3255 NE First Ave., Miami, @matysmiami)


Tam Tam: Vietnamese Feast and Festivity

What started as a supper club has evolved into a vibrant celebration of Vietnamese cuisine in Downtown Miami. Tam Tam introduces authentic Vietnamese dishes with a flair for design and culture. From wings in fish sauce to frog legs and tamarind glazed pork ribs, the husband-and-wife team of Tam Pham and Harrison Ramhofer infuse every dish with excitement, complemented by a hidden karaoke machine for added festivity. (99 NW First St., Miami, @tam.tam.mia)


Ogawa: Omakase with a Twist

Amidst the abundance of omakase spots, Ogawa in Little River distinguishes itself by offering a unique dining adventure. Chef Masayuki Komatsu curates an intimate 11-seat experience with a menu of both cooked dishes and nigiri. Guests can customize their omakase meal by choosing preferred pieces and indicating fish preferences, adding a personalized touch to this Japanese culinary gem. (7223 NW Second Ave., Miami, @ogawamiami)


As these seven culinary gems earn their place on the Michelin Guide, Miami’s food scene stands poised to captivate the palates of locals and visitors alike, inviting all to indulge in a symphony of flavors from around the world.