International nonprofit organization Faena Art announces its second Project Room exhibition of the year, Heart of Community, a site-specific installation by Miami-based multi-disciplinary artist Anabella Bergero. On view in the Project Room from April 28 to October 14, 2023, this immersive exhibition will bring to life a Latinx Pop visual universe composed of textile art, fashion design pieces, collage, and digitally printed murals that together create a Latinx Pop visual universe.

This exhibition establishes the Project Room as a gathering space, celebrating acts of creation and making the installation a center for communal joy and innovative production. Led by the artist, several tiedye workshops, the recording of a podcast, and a panel about art’s role in the community will make Heart of Community a gathering space and center for creativity. Through her installation, Bergero posits that art is a continuous state of encounter, setting in motion numerous forms of exchange, including composing a visual aesthetic that deconstructs stereotypical notions of “Latinidad”, a critically-discussed Spanishlanguage term that refers to the various attributes shared by Latin American people and their descendants, to repurposing the art space as a community hub.

Carefully collaged from the artist’s own photographs, images on view throughout the Project Room represent a reconstruction of narrative. Kitsch religious pop iconography and vibrant colors emblematic of Latin American life are pervasive throughout Heart of Community. Blurring the boundaries of domain, a translucent window mural by Bergero projects the interior display of the Project Room into the public sphere, making art an act of enjoyment beyond the walls of the gallery space. Through this lens, Bergero invites both her audience and passersby to look in, explore, and collaborate in her artistic practice.

Future programming in the Faena Art Project Room this year will include exhibitions by the 2022 Faena Prize for the Arts runner-up Paloma Bosquê and Miami-based multidisciplinary artist Kelly Breez. Faena Art will also present programming in Buenos Aires during arteBA with Andrés Reisinger.

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