Grassfed Culture Hospitality is set to make waves in Miami’s Little River neighborhood with the opening of ZeyZey (pronounced Zay-Zay). As a community-driven music venue and cultural hotspot, ZeyZey is poised to become a must-visit destination in the Magic City Innovation District. Led by the visionary team behind Krüs and Michelin Star rated establishment Los Félix, ZeyZey promises an unforgettable experience that combines global music, a thoughtful food and beverage program, and an inclusive atmosphere for all.


Opening its doors on July 14, ZeyZey represents a departure from the recent influx of exclusive members clubs in Miami, focusing instead on creating an approachable haven for all. With an expiration date yet to be determined, ZeyZey’s pop-up concept adds an air of intrigue, ensuring each visit is a unique experience.


ZeyZey means happiness in Iku. Iku is the language spoken by the Arhuacos – an indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Colombia, the area where Executive Chef Sebastian Vargas’s family is from.


“In a city that is begging for more community and cultural experience, we are so excited to bring happiness by way of ZeyZey to Miami, said co-founder Josh Hackler. “For us, this project will be the heartbeat of the city’s music scene with local roots and global influence. I couldn’t be more excited about the epic music programming, chefs we’ve partnered up with and overall beverage program. This is going to be a place for all to enjoy.”


Music & Culture 

Every weekend at ZeyZey, expect global sounds cultivated by Grassfed Culture in partnership with Isabella Acker of Tigre Sounds, the Miami-based independent record label and musical discovery platform for citizens of the world. As avid audiophiles, ZeyZey was a natural progression for the Grassfed team after establishing success in the culinary space with Los Félix and Krüs.


“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Grassfed Culture team and to be part of the launch of ZeyZey, said Isabella. “Tigre is thrilled to be spearheading music curation and monthly programming, celebrating the freshest in local, emerging and international Latin and Global Sounds.” Building off the beautiful vinyl programming at Los Félix, ZeyZey will be home to Afro-Cuban Funk, Brazilian Disco, Salsa, Boogaloo, Cumbia, Afrobeat, Electronic Fusions, to name a few.”


On a weekly basis, ZeyZey will host outdoor live performances every Friday and Saturday, vinyl DJs, and groovy and electronic dance parties in the disco, as well as special events on Thursday evenings. In addition, they will host monthly residencies with beloved hometown DJ’s and local acts, and also welcome some of our favorite established parties and DJ collectives from around the world. 


“Part of the work we are so passionate about at Tigre is being able to build bridges with music scenes, elevate culture in Miami, and be part of nurturing our community of creatives and music lovers. We are thrilled to share the same ethos with ZeyZey and build a beautiful hub in Miami for locals to feel like they have a sense of place in their city.”


The opening weekend provides a glimpse into what to expect. On July 14th, starting at 5 pm, there’s Rum & Coke, a vintage Afro-Caribbean Latin dance party, followed by Tato Marenco y los Hijos de Mamá cumbé, an 8-piece Folk-Colombian band celebrating the premiere of their critically acclaimed new album Mamá Cumbé. Later that night, a Colombian discotheque featuring Sinego takes over the Tima bungalow at 11pm. Followed by Sinego Live with DJ Timbales and spanish guitars teasing his upcoming album. On July 15th, starting at 4 pm, it’s Deep House Disco ft. AtomYard, followed by Sinego Live with DJ Timbales and electric guitars, along with Locos Por Juana, the 2 time Grammy nominee and hometown favorite. Rum & Coke returns in the bungalow house, keeping the party going until late.


For the full schedule of upcoming programming, please follow @ZeyZeyMiami. 


Beverage Program

ZeyZey’s beverage program, crafted by Esther Merino, a globally recognized beverage personality and recipe developer, along with the Grassfed Culture team, presents a unique spin on traditional cocktails. By incorporating inventive methods and global influences, the menu offers a sophisticated selection of drinks that defies expectations for a music venue. This distinctive feature will undoubtedly become ZeyZey’s signature, ideal for enjoying throughout Miami’s summer and all year long. With its inviting atmosphere, ZeyZey’s is destined to become a popular happy hour spot for locals with specials from 5-7 pm. 


Food Program 

The culinary program, overseen by partner and executive chef Sebastian Vargas, will feature a rotating selection of some of Miami’s rising hospitality stars including Richard Ortega, Monika Dominguez and Pedro Lara who are striving to make the city a more vibrant place. The food vendors – all friends of Sebastian and part of the trusted circle- will have the chance to try out new concepts and ideas that will be constantly evolving. The opening lineup of concepts includes, The Maiz Project, Gutenberg Burger, Mana Table, and Dale Street Food. Maintaining affordable prices was a priority for the Grassfed Culture team, ensuring that vendors are accessible to all.The venue embraces a collaborative spirit that is reflected in the emphasis on small plates and the inclusion of at least one sharable dish from each vendor. “ZeyZey is a place of community and creative integration for both musicians and chefs, it’s a beautiful place to constantly be serving new ideas as the season changes,” said Sebastian.


Design & Flow

Under the creative direction of co-founder and creative director Pili Restrepo Hackler, the 15,000 square foot space draws you in as you enter through an unassuming gate like you’ve just arrived at a friends house. The journey begins upon entry at the natural wine and craft beer gazebo called Jewu (translation Rain), a signature program for all Grassfed Culture concepts, complemented by communal seating. The bungalow house ‘Tima’ (translation Moon), adorned with white walls and an array of eclectic, psycho-tropic inspired furniture, sets the stage for DJs to showcase their talent on a custom designed sound system. Adjacent to Tima is the vinyl listening room Iba (translation Today) with its vast collection of over 3,000 constantly evolving records curated by ZeyZey’s production manager Anthony Hall, offering a relaxed atmosphere with hammocks and comfortable seating. On the far side of Tima, facing the outdoor area, three private lounge areas await, providing table service and views of the backyard. Step outside and find yourself embraced by the shade of the banyan tree, illuminated and surrounded by flexible seating options that spill into the expansive backyard area. Here, you’ll discover a redesigned shipping container housing a full cocktail bar Je (translation water), a dynamic mainstage for live performances Zaku (translation Mother), a dedicated DJ booth, and four food vendors

ZeyZey is our love letter to Miami. A space where all these little different atmospheres and sensations collide with one another. It’s a vibrant world of sound and color. A happy place for Miami to discover and fall in love with”, said Pili.

ZeyZey is located at 353 NE 61 Street, Miami, FL. Summer hours of operation: Friday & Saturdays: 7 p.m. to late; select Thursdays for special events. Ride share is encouraged, street parking is available. Website:; Instagram @ZeyZeyMiami. For table and group reservations, visit For more information, collaborations, or to book the space for private events please email