Nestled in the heart of South Beach’s iconic Art Deco District, the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel stands as a testament to both luxury and rejuvenation. This oceanfront gem completed a comprehensive renovation in 2022, transforming its rooms, public spaces, and meetings and events areas into a true haven of style and relaxation. Drawing inspiration from the romance of the south of France, the hotel’s new design exudes playfulness, simplicity, cleanliness, and an earthy charm.

From the moment you step foot into the Kimpton Surfcomber, the refreshed ambiance engulfs you in an enchanting embrace. The designers have masterfully curated an alluring atmosphere that showcases understated statement pieces, sleek Calacatta marble, teak moulding, and textured grasscloth. This fusion of elements creates a fresh and inviting vibe, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with the rich cultural heritage of Miami Beach.

At the heart of this boutique hotel’s charm lies its dedication to creating unique and unforgettable experiences. A standout offering is the innovative DAYLIFE program, specially designed to enrich the experience of delegates attending meetings and events. Through this program, attendees can enjoy curated activities such as team-building games, guided meditation, and yoga, fostering a holistic approach to productivity and relaxation.

For those seeking a blend of work and leisure, Surfcomber’s Vines Cabanas offer the perfect solution. These cabanas provide sunny hospitality suite options or outdoor think tank breakout sessions, giving a fresh perspective to conventional meeting spaces. Furthermore, the Beach at High Tide presents an adaptable outdoor space that is perfect for creating lasting memories through various outdoor events.



The transformation journey of the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel did not end with its physical spaces. The property’s business center, once unused for nearly a year, has been ingeniously repurposed. Now, it serves as a platform for special artist pop-up activations, allowing guests to engage and interact with local artists and vendors, creating a dynamic and culturally immersive experience.

As the warm sun graces the shores of Miami Beach, the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel introduces its ‘Summer at Surf’ program, promising a summer to remember. This initiative aims to elevate both guest and local experiences with an array of complimentary activities, events, and amenities. From invigorating outdoor workouts led by local fitness gurus to luxury poolside surprises like smoothie shots, cool-down misting, and craft beer tastings, ‘Summer at Surf’ encapsulates the essence of a vibrant Miami summer.

Whether you’re looking to explore the lively nightlife, immerse yourself in the local art scene, or simply relax on the pristine beaches, Miami Beach has it all. And when it comes to accommodations, the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel offers an oasis of comfort and style, perfectly complemented by its Social Club and High Tide Beach Bar & Grill.

For the pet lovers, the hotel’s “No Paw Left Behind” package ensures that even your furry companions have a memorable stay. With complimentary access to WAG services, including dog walking, sitting, and boarding, you can truly enjoy your vacation without leaving anyone behind.

In the symphony of sun, surf, sand, and social experiences, the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel emerges as the ultimate destination for those seeking a summer escape that harmonizes relaxation, culture, and indulgence. Whether you’re attending a business event, embarking on a family vacation, or simply craving a revitalizing getaway, the Surfcomber Hotel promises an unforgettable Miami Beach experience.