Ketan Rahangdale CEO of Miami's Pitbull-backed, music-tech platform Unitea

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Ketan Rahangdale

In this episode of the Miami Guide podcast, we sit down with the Unitea’s CEO Ketan Rahangdale, to talk about their seed round, fan-focused vision and Miami operation.

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Boasting a board of directors featuring industry titans like Pitbull (Armando Perez) and Claude VonStroke (Barclay Crenshaw), Unitea’s unique platform is innovating the way fans engage digitally within the music industry. By way of an in-app economy, Unitea encourages users to create content with music and branded filters from their favorite artists to earn rewards, creating actionable data for artists and brands and deepening their connections with fans.

Since 2020, Unitea has accomplished more than 2,000 reward activations, including more than 350 artists and 42 music festivals such as Vibra Urbana, North Beach Music Festival, and various promoter partnerships throughout Miami Music Week.

Unitea operates out of the FlaglerTech building, Miami’s emerging tech hub in the heart of Downtown. Miami was chosen as Unitea’s HQ thanks to the city’s cross-pollination of music and tech innovation, and because some of the company’s earliest investments came from Miami-based Fuel Venture Capital.

Miami-based Unitea is the only engage-to-earn music platform built to deepen connections between artists, brands, and fans.

The Miami Guide sat down with Unitea’s CEO Ketan Rahangdale, to talk about their seed round, fan-focused vision and Miami operation.

Interview Notes:

  • Ketan talks about what inspired him to start Unitea
  • How Unitea works and how it leverages the direct-to-fan relationship between artists and their super-fans
  • How has being in Miami influenced the development and growth of Unitea?
  • What makes Unitea different?
  • How does Unitea generate revenue?

Quotes from the interview:
“We’ve cracked the code on deriving meaningful benefits through engage-to-earn within the music space. Unitea gives digital assets real purpose across the engagement cycle, empowering artists and brands to cultivate and grow a passionate fan base organically”

About Unitea
Unitea is an engage-to-earn platform that deepens connections between artists and their fans while giving brands access to invaluable advertising opportunities that enhance the end-user experience. The app incentivizes music fans to support their favorite artists in exchange for blockchain- authenticated rewards while providing a platform built for meaningful connection and artist innovation. Unitea believes that data and relationships belong to the people who build them, and developed the Karma Economy ecosystem to help creators regain control of their audience insights. Fans are incentivized to share their data as a way to earn Karma, while Unitea’s transparent data policy encourages ethical data use. Brands use that data in advertising, and artists can also access the data for invaluable insights into their fanbase.

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