The Everglades and a History Lover's Guide to Florida

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James A. Kushlan and Kirsten Hines

The Miami Guide talks with James A. Kushlan and Kirsten Hines, authors of “75th anniversary of Everglades National Park”, and “A History Lover’s Guide to Florida”.

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In Everglades National Park (Images of America), co-authors James A. Kushlan – writer, ornithologist, educator, and conservationist – and Kirsten Hines, wildlife photographer, celebrate the park’s 75th anniversary. Every year, a million visitors experience its alligators, crocodiles, Florida panthers, anhingas, roseate spoonbills, and egrets.

The Miami Guide has partnered with the Miami Book Fair and we are featuring interviews with well known Florida based authors talking about Florida…

Our guests this month; Craig Pittman, James Clark, and Brad Meltzer, Jim Kushlan, Kirsten Hinds, are just a few of the hundreds of authors from around the world gathering together in downtown Miami for Miami Book Fair 2022, nation’s largest gathering of writers and readers of all ages.

Miami Book Fair, runs from Sunday Nov. 13 – through Sunday, Nov. 20, and will once again host top authors, including music, theater, and sports celebrities.

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Interview Notes:

  • Jim and Kirsten talk about what inspired them to write about
  • They shares the best places to visit in The Everglades
  • Kirsten talks about the pioneer settlers in Florida
  • They shares what kind of wildlife we can find in The Everglades
  • Also they talk about the importance of The Everglades for Miami
  • And they share about their  upcoming books and stories

Quotes from the interview:
“The Everglades is your backyard and consumes half of South Florida.”

Who is James A. Kushlan
Writer, ornithologist, educator, and conservationist James A. Kushlan is a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution; director of Patuxent Wildlife Research Center; professor of biology at the University of Mississippi and Texas A&M, Commerce; and wildlife biologist with the U.S. National Park Service. He has published 10 books, most recently Seeking the American Tropics: South Florida’s Early Naturalists. For Everglades National Park.

Who is Kirsten Hines
Kirsten Hines is a Coconut Grove, Florida-based author and wildlife photographer with a master’s degree in biology and a background in environmental education. She has written six books on Florida’s nature and history, and her work also has appeared in several publications.

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  • How did you get started as an author?
  • What inspires you and your creativity?
  • Who are some of your all-time authors?
  • Do you have any advice for emerging writers?
  • What do you you like about the Everglades and why?
  • What kind of wildlife can we find?
  • What’s next? upcoming books?


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