Vizcayne Miami, the spectacular, twin 49-story residential towers that overlook Biscayne Bay & the heart of downtown Miami.

Vizcayne’s towers are the new signature of the Biscayne Boulevard skyline, overlooking the city and the bay, the park and the marina, the university and the American Airlines sports arena. Vizcayne is a short stroll from Museum Park and the Performing Arts Center, in a thriving, growing neighborhood of hotels, boutiques, restaurants and corporate headquarters.

With the historic name “Vizcayne”, it is the newest, largest and most prominent landmark on Biscayne Boulevard, where the twin 49-story towers overlook Biscayne Bay and all of downtown. It sits at the crossroads between downtown’s booming new neighborhood that stretches from the river to the Performing Arts Center, and where the growth from Brickell is steadily moving north.

Combined with spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and a hot city neighborhood,Vizcayne is the epitome of
what the world has come to expect in an iconic Miami condo.”

Vizcayne Miami
244 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132

Phone 786.347.7440

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