Miami International Airport (MIA) set a new record in 2022 by becoming the busiest airport in Florida with over 50.6 million passengers served, surpassing its previous record of 45.9 million set in 2019 by nearly 10%. MIA beat out Orlando International Airport, which saw 50.1 million travelers in 2022, by half a million.

Domestic travel at MIA hit a record high in 2022 with 29.3 million passengers, up from 23.5 million in 2019. Meanwhile, 21.3 million international travelers passed through MIA in 2022, although it was one million less than in 2019, it was still 8.3 million more than in 2021. With 37.3 million passengers in 2021, the aviation industry was still recovering from the pandemic, but in 2022, MIA saw a giant leap of 35% YoY with 13.3 million more passengers for a total of 50.6 million. MIA also handled 2.7 million tons of freight in 2022, matching its 2021 record, including 2.2 million tons of international freight and 500,000 tons of domestic shipments.

MIA ended the year with its busiest winter holiday travel period from December 21 to January 6, with 2.6 million passengers – a 2.4% increase from the previous record during the same period in 2021.