JDR Atelier, a new Miami-based artist collective, was formally announced today bringing together a range of practices from digital and augmented reality (AR), to photography and fine art, to mixed media and pop. The newly formed initiative consists of multidisciplinary fine artist Jessica de Vreeze, contemporary artist Daniel Marin, and painter and augmented reality artist Romi Myers who will debut their collective at the 2023 Spectrum Miami art fair during Miami Art Week.


The inaugural curation will be on display at booth 1016 at Mana Wynwood (2217 NW 5th Ave @NW 22nd St) from December 6-10, offering fair goers, art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs the chance to experience a convergence of perspectives, techniques, and visions.

“Miami has established itself as an artworld destination over the past two decades with the fairs, but the world has yet to discover a lot of the amazing local talent that is here year-round, creating and innovating in their respective practices,” the trio stated. “Our objective is to organize ourselves in order to reach a broader audience of art lovers and collectors, thereby helping to elevate the profile of Miami’s local artist scene.”


Conceived as a multifaceted visual offering, JDR Atelier will present viewers with a collection of works through which they can explore themes based on emotions, diversity and representation, protection, and social commentary, as well as experience these narratives through both a multitude of physical elements and digital interactions. Fusing their diverse talents across digital art, photography and painting over a range of styles including fine art, pop, and abstract, the collective offers a synergy that transcends traditional boundaries and opens up new horizons in the realm of artistic expression.


While each artist has maintained their respective art practices for more than a decade, a commonality among the three is their irregular journey to becoming artists which began in distinct trades as a lawyer, an airline interior designer, and a corporate communications executive.


More about the artists:

Jessica de Vreeze

Jessica de Vreeze is a French-American visual artist born in Paris, now based in Miami, FL. Jessica’s muses are raw emotions, unexpected details, people and places and the way they interact with one another. Her photographs can be found at The Old Print Shop Gallery in NYC, Flatiron district and her Miami studio. She has done numerous solo shows in NYC, Miami, Luxembourg, and Holland, along with group shows and art installations of up to 15 feet high, while her photographs have been published in national and international magazines. In 2017, she had the great honor to represent the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg at the United Nation for “les journées mondiales de la francophonie.” As an artist, her works reflect the soul of places she has encountered through her multicultural background and her creations are both thoughtful and dreamlike. For Jessica, “life is art, and art is an essential part of life.”


Daniel Marin

Creating under the conceptual moniker Department M, Daniel Marin’s paintings bring together elements of pop, abstraction, street art, carpentry and décollage, depicting colorful and surreal moments in time. Marin sources imagery from magazines, comic books, newspapers and many other forms of media, blending features from each to craft the images in his work. With works spanning private collections across the US, Latin America, and Europe, each piece is created using a layering approach made up of steps of silk-screening, freehand painting, hand cut stenciling and collage work, producing impactful compositions built on the artist’s patience and pleasure. A Cuban-American self-taught artist from Miami, FL, Marin’s work portrays engaging scenes with underlying stories and hints of both humor and tension, all left for the viewer to piece together.


Romi Myers


Romi’s overall vision is to facilitate open and thought-provoking discussions about the nature of reality and how humans interpret it. This goal inspired the creation of her “My Emojions” series, which explores the intersection between emotions and the ubiquitous emoji. Born in São Paulo, Brazil and of Japanese and Italian heritage, Romi’s artistic style is heavily influenced by Takashi Murakami and the Superflat Movement, which have driven her to incorporate vibrant colors and bold, cartoon-like imagery into her body of work. In addition, her fascination with augmented reality – as well as her advocacy for sustainability and environmental awareness which has pushed her further into the digital space – added with its ability to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds has led her to incorporate an element of surprise and interaction in her most recent body of work. As an artist with synesthesia, her work also explores the ways in which sensory experiences can be intertwined and manipulated through art, ultimately promoting empathy, connection, and understanding while showcasing the beauty and complexity of the human experience through playful titles and tongue-in-cheek humor.




About JDR Atelier

JDR Atelier is guided by three principles: fueling creativity with passion, sharing life experience and representation through art, and pushing the boundaries of visual narratives in every possible direction. For more information, visit http://www.jdratelier.com/ and follow @JDRAtelier.