The Wilzig Erotic Art Museum (WEAM), the preeminent museum dedicated to erotic art in the United States, is honored to hold the first retrospective in the United States of the work by artist Kevin Berlin45 Years of Nudes, opening on Tuesday, February 14th, 2023.

Exhibition: Kevin Berlin: 45 Years of Nudes
Curated by: Helmut Schuster
Location: WEAM, 1205 Washington Avenue, Miami, FL
Dates: February 14, 2023 – May 29, 2023
Opening: February 14th6-7pm Press & VIP preview, 7-10pm public opening

WEAM proudly presents “KEVIN BERLIN: 45 YEARS OF NUDES”. The solo exhibition explores the Artist’s lifetime interest in the human form as a basis for inspiration. The installation features a 45-year timeline of painting, sculpture and performance art. As a unique retrospective, invites the viewer to take a closer look into the creative process and development of the nude over time.

“I started painting nudes when I was 12 years old…” – Kevin Berlin

Highlights include the Artists’ early years including his first copy of the Mona Lisa and first large-scale nude on canvas, “Woman With Twinkies”, painted at Yale University. The show rediscovers Berlin’s studie at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London with “Woman Missing Her Lover” and his first exhibition in Europe. ” Sex & Drugs, New York” opened on September 11, 2001 three hours after the tragic attack on New York. These works are on view for the first time since 9/11, more than 20 years after the French police foiled a major theft of the collection.

Other works spotlight the artists’ time in Hollywood including his cast bronze portrait of actress Kim Basinger leafed in 23 carat gold. A central room features “Tattoo Ballerina” and “Bendover Ballerina” from Berlin’s 20-year collaboration with some of the most famous classical ballet artists in the world including

Kirov Ballet, Saint Petersburg, Russia and National Opera and Ballet, Kyiv, Ukraine. WEAM also showcases the Artists’ “Quarantine Nudes” a specially curated installation.

“Our show Quarantine Nudes is for me the first artistic reflection of this lonesome years of pandemic – that he spent in Italy — which everyone in the world went through. His paintings are positive, full of beauty and love, and they go deep into the human psyche.” 
– Helmut Schuster, Director, WEAM

Rounding out the show are works from the Artists’ social commentary on cell phones and cigarettes, including “Vaffanculo” and “The Porno Alien”. The exhibition culminates with the unveiling of a monumental canvas from the Artists’ latest series “Nude on Mars”. Not to miss is a video black box with highlights of the artist’s career in performance art. This unique exhibition is integrated into the heart of WEAM’s permanent collection.

VIP Opening Reception February 14, 2023 6:00PM

WEAM Wilzig Erotic Art Museum 1205 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 
Open daily: 11 am – 6 pm Last entry one hour before closing @kevinberlin instagram

SOURCE Wilzig Museum Building