Goat Hospitality Group, proudly unveils its latest marvel: LunaSol. Set to grace the space formerly known as Club 50 located at 485 Brickell Avenue, LunaSol emerges as Miami’s premier rooftop sanctuary, seamlessly blending the enchantment of Mayan history with the vibrancy of contemporary nightlife. With an eight-figure facelift, this luxurious rooftop restaurant and lounge promises to set the standard of culinary excellence and cultural immersion, slated to debut in the summer of 2024 amidst the pulsating heart of Brickell.


“Prepare to embark on a transcendent journey through time and taste,” said Derek Gonzalez, the visionary founder of Goat Hospitality Group. “With LunaSol, we endeavor to unveil the captivating tapestry of Mayan heritage, infusing every moment with the allure of ancient mystique and modern sophistication.”


Drawing inspiration from the hidden cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, LunaSol invites patrons to traverse lush greenery and natural symphonies as they ascend to its expansive 11,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor oasis. Here, guests will encounter ten meticulously curated zones, each a testament to Mayan mythology, brought to life through immersive activations that evolve with the rhythm of the day and night.


During the sun-kissed hours, LunaSol transforms into a resort-style haven, boasting an exclusive pool adorned with private cabanas and daybeds. Against the backdrop of rhythmic beats from world-class DJs, guests can indulge in poolside delights and signature cocktails, luxuriating in the embrace of Miami’s skyline.


As twilight descends, LunaSol’s culinary voyage begins under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Abelardo Vargas. His menu, a fusion of traditional ingredients and avant-garde techniques, pays homage to the rich tapestry of Mayan flavors. Diners can savor an array of tantalizing dishes, each a symphony of taste echoing the depth of Mayan culinary heritage.


With the setting sun casting its golden glow upon LunaSol’s 360-degree panoramic views, guests are invited to partake in a nocturnal odyssey unlike any other. LunaSol’s rooftop lounge, aglow with the city’s luminescence, invites revelers to indulge in an opulent selection of premium spirits and rare champagnes. The evening crescendos with residencies from the world’s foremost DJs, ensure that each night at LunaSol is an unforgettable chapter in Miami’s nightlife narrative.


Crafted in collaboration with esteemed design luminaries Lorena Alvarez of Tan-Tán Studio, Min Peniche of Arkham Projects, and architect Christian Magaldi of Magaldi Studio, LunaSol’s aesthetic pays homage to Mayan architecture and art. Intricate geometric patterns and towering columns converge to create a sacred space where history and modernity intertwine, enveloping guests in an otherworldly embrace.


“At LunaSol, design isn’t just an aesthetic—it’s an experience,” asserts Gonzalez. “Every element, from the ethereal lighting to the mythic motifs, converges to weave a narrative that transcends time and transports guests to the heart of Mayan civilization.”


LunaSol’s drink menu stands as a testament to luxury and celebration, setting us apart from everyone else in Miami. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of St. Tropez and the mystique of Tulum, our menu features a wide selection of 3-liter jeroboam and 6-liter methuselah champagne bottles, perfect for every occasion and celebration. Emphasizing the essence of extravagance, LunaSol offers an array of premium mezcal and tequila options, allowing patrons to embark on a sensory journey through the flavors of Mexico. From intimate gatherings to grand festivities, LunaSol’s drink menu promises to elevate every moment with sophistication and flair, ensuring an unforgettable experience unmatched by any other in the Magic City.


Veteran Goat executives Michael Crucet and Stanfford Knight have been instrumental in shaping LunaSol’s transformative journey. Their leadership and innovation in Miami’s vibrant hospitality scene played crucial roles in curating LunaSol’s illustrious bottle menu and crafting an unparalleled experience.


LunaSol is poised to make its grand debut in the summer of 2024, captivating adventurers and epicureans alike to embark on a journey of unparalleled enchantment. Located on the 50th floor of 485 Brickell Ave., LunaSol will illuminate Miami’s skyline nightly from Thursday to Sunday, with daytime pool parties on Saturdays and Sundays. For further inquiries and to stay on top of LunaSol’s luminous journey, visit LunaSolBrickell.com.