Following the successful introduction of Ross+Kramer Gallery in Miami Beach during Miami Art Week 2023, the esteemed gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming landmark exhibition featuring Japanese Modern & Contemporary artist, En Iwamura. Beginning February 16th, the gallery will present “Yama-Asobi,” the artist’s latest exhibition featuring mountain-shaped sculptures adorned with captivating gradient colors. Yama-Asobi (Japanese word: 山遊び), which translates to “playing in the mountains,” encapsulates the joy and adventure of engaging with nature amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the mountains in Japan. Derived from the artist’s ongoing “Mountain Fantom” series, the artist transforms the gallery space into an immersive installation, fulfilling a long-held desire to showcase these sculptures on a grand scale. Each sculpture draws inspiration from the artist’s personal connection to the mountains surrounding Kyoto, Japan, and intricately embodies the layered gradients of colors that echo the artist’s childhood memories.

Recognized as Miami Beach’s pioneering blue-chip gallery opening, Ross+Kramer inaugurated its Miami location in December with an innovative exhibition featuring the works of Daniel Arsham. The showcase, titled “Miami 3023,” marked Arsham’s return to solo exhibiting in Miami after more than a decade. With this new Miami locale, located in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood, Ross+Kramer Gallery now boasts three distinctive galleries, enhancing its presence alongside existing locations in Manhattan and East Hampton. As the first gallery location beyond New York, the 3,000-square-foot space makes an indelible statement, offering a dynamic platform for artists and the global community.

This month, Ross+Kramer prepares to welcome En Iwamura, a ceramic artist whose work explores the relationship between negative space, the viewer, and the object within the Japanese philosophy of Ma. Raised on the slopes of Kyoto’s mountains and having resided in many diverse locations, the artist reveals a profound realization– an unconscious seeking of mountains in each new environment. From the uneasy woods of South Carolina to the comforting embrace of Montana’s Big Sky Country, the artist felt an inexplicable connection to the layered landscapes. The mountains, once a childhood companion, took on an almost mystical significance as if possessing their own souls and an ever-watchful gaze. Through the installation, audiences are invited to encounter the enigmatic presence of these mountains, their colorful layers inviting contemplation and a sense of mysterious familiarity. The gallery is also working in partnership with Miami-based 3D printing living seawall firm, Kind Designs, to unveil a one-of-a-kind immersive art display at the entrance of the gallery. En worked with Kind’s robotic team to create lifesize 3D printed versions of his mountainscapes to be enjoyed throughout the exhibition. This partnership also serves as a kickoff to Ross & Kramer Gallery working with Kind Designs to offer collectors the world’s first Living “Art” Seawalls.

Upon opening, guests will be invited to explore Iwamura’s exhibit at Ross+Kramer’s Miami gallery, which will bring one of the most uniquely immersive sculpture art experiences to Miami Beach. The gallery will transform into an experiential sculpture showcase, featuring an expansive collection of vibrant mountainscapes designed to transport visitors into the artist’s childhood memories of Kyoto’s mountains. Each sculpture will be available for purchase, allowing art enthusiasts to bring home a piece of this extraordinary showcase and the artist’s profound exploration of nature’s beauty and mystery.

En Iwamura’s exhibit debuts on February 16th, providing a limited-time opportunity to engage with his exquisite works within the gallery until March 9th.

Ross+Kramer Miami is located at 1910 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Operating hours for the gallery are Monday–Saturday, 11am–6pm. For more information, please visit