Who says you need to leave home to get killer Chinese food? Meet BoyChoy, a Downtown Miami-based virtual eatery offering delicious, soul-warming Chinese delivery and takeout every day of the week.


BoyChoy is the brainchild of restaurateur Philippe Moullet, Zuma’s former global managing director, also known for his work with La Petite Maison and more recently, Novikov Miami, TenTen in Austin, TX, and Neya in the Surfside neighborhood.  Situated within Novikov Miami, BoyChoy has recently incorporated some of the buzzy Asian restaurant’s best-selling Chinese dishes to its lunch and dinner menus at reduced takeout prices.


“We launched BoyChoy during the height of the COVID pandemic in an effort to provide Chinese food lovers with a selection of the dishes they were most craving,” Moullet says. “The menu expansion is a result of the increasing demand for the high-end, yet affordable menu we created, which has evolved to include flavors for everyone.”


With Boychoy, diners can feast on classics like Spring Rolls, Mongolian Beef, and crispy Peking Duck, or take their taste buds on a sensory adventure with perfectly executed Brussel Sprouts and Crispy Pork, a tempting dish of Thai Black Pepper Beef, or a mildly spicy entree of Sweet and Sour Mango Chicken. The lineup of dim sum options are also a hit, with compelling combinations ranging from Duck and Foie Gras to Black Truffle, Chicken and Morel and Spicy Lobster or Yuzu Miso Black Cod.

For vegetarians, BoyChoy is showcasing a new menu of items such as Robata Citrus Corn, Fresno Ponzu Charred Broccolini, Seaweed Salad and Sweet Soy Asparagus, while pescatarians can enjoy the flavors and quality of Novikov favorites like Yuzu Miso Black Cod and Tamarind Glazed Salmon.

To complement the food, the beverage program offers a selection of bottled wine, and Soto sake, as well as sixteen-ounce packs of signature cocktails such as Oaxacan Sun, Agave Picante, and Wasabi or Lychee Martini.

BoyChoy is soon to become a brick-and-mortar location. Moullet, who’s a branding specialist, has conceptualized a transportive vibe, which will start as soon as diners step foot in the restaurant.

“We’ve been long looking for the perfect space to set up an experience completely unique to the Miami food scene,” Moullet notes. “We want to present Boychoy’s diverse, creative food and speakeasy cocktails in an elegant setting, a restaurant with a warm, inviting old world Asian feel.”

The details on BoyChoy’s sit-down location will be announced at a later date.


BoyChoy is a premium Chinese delivery service situated inside Novikov Miami. Helmed by restaurateur Philippe Moullet, the virtual eatery offers a full gamut of classic and modern fare, including a selection of vegetarian options and Novikov Miami favorite Chinese dishes. BoyChoy is located at 300 South Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami; 786-636-1859; www.boychoy.com. Available daily from noon to 1030pm through UberEats and DoorDash. Takeout is also offered via the eatery’s page.