XXIII Club emerges as the newest intimate destination coming to Miami Beach in Fall 2021. From world-renowned DJs, resident performers, celebrity hosts, cryogenic stage effects and theatrical aerial artists, the nightclub is nothing short of the quintessential Miami nightlife experience. Helmed by a hospitality power group, the ownership team brings their collective expertise together to establish a multifaceted leadership operation for the latest nightlife venture. The power team behind the concept includes Ais York Almahdi (Programming Partner)Benjamin Paré (Hospitality Director)Barry Mullineaux (Programming Partner)Mishko Josifov (VP of Operations), and Philip “The Mayor” Cardona (Programming Partner).

Offering an intimate 6,000-square-feet space on the 23rd Street corridor in South Beach, XXIII Club focuses on the guest-first experience while showcasing the many features of the completely remodeled second-generation space inclusive of state-of-the-art, custom-built sound and lighting technology by Infinite Systems, Miami’s premier custom-sound company; a complex DMX computer lighting system syncs with more than 250-feet of LED lighting bars, moving heads, and light projectors that have been strategically placed throughout the venue; and not to mention, a stock market ticker that will run the perimeter of the venue for projections and brand marketing purposes.

Plush green leather banquettes and rich earth-toned woods set the backdrop for the upscale experience, while picturesque vignettes and neon signs create Instagram-worthy moments.  Faux foliage that drapes from the ceiling, and climbs the walls, complements the tropical landscaped wallpaper covering found throughout the venue.  Brass finishes add a pop of texture, while a hallway flanked by baroque mirrors engraved with edgy sayings add personality.  Adorning the walls are commissioned, one-of-a-kind murals from various New York City and Miami-based artists.

“Everything about what we created at XXIII Club is with a guest-first experience.  We want our guests to have the ultimate club experience in a house-party setting,” says Josifov, partner, XXIII Club.  “So much of Miami nightlife has been lost to how deep your pockets are and how many of the ‘right’ people you are with, standing at the door.  We want to change the way Miami thinks about nightlife, roll out the carpet and lift the velvet rope.”

The venue also introduces a seamless booking process, Tablelist, making table reservations easy with a few online clicks. Considerations have been made down to the last detail, from a Bitcoin ATM to access cryptocurrency to design optics that ensure wait time is kept to a minimum for guests. Filled with impressive features and precious finishes throughout the space, XXIII Club will provide a coveted experience for its guests – a memorable night out in Miami to not be forgotten.

XXIII Club is located at 247 23rd Street in Miami Beach.  Table reservations and a weekly line up of resident DJs spinning everything from deep house to hip hop will soon be released. The club will be open Thursday through Sunday from 11 p.m. to close.  For more information about XXIII Club visit www.23clubmiami.com or follow along via Instagram @23clubmiami and TikTok @23clubmiami.