Miami provides a host of coffee spots to keep its residents and tourists caffeinated throughout the day. The city offers a variety of coffeehouses spread throughout various neighborhoods, many of which cater to early morning risers but do not stay open late into the evening.

Below are a few of our favorite places in Miami to meet potential clients, media friends and colleagues. Next time you’re looking for the perfect place to meet a new client, close a deal, or expand your professional network, choose a spot that will set you up for success.



ALL DAY is an independent coffee bar and restaurant in the Park West neighborhood of Miami. Their purpose is to have a positive impact on the community and planet, through consciously-sourced, world-class beverage and food, prepared and served by a dedicated team. Downtown’s All Day serves Miami’s best coffee as well as some really great breakfast and lunch food. But if you manage to get a seat at the counter or one of their little tables, this place is still calm enough to get some work done.


Vice City Bean

Vice City Bean is located on the first floor of a residential building. Amazing Coffee shop with plenty of options of pastries, croissants, empanadas and more. One of our favorite coffee shops with several Locations throughout Miami. Free Wi-Fi makes this a good spot to have a coffee/snack while getting work done or business meetings. The coffee here is very good, the staff is friendly, and it’s also not a bad place to set up your laptop and get some work done.


The Freehold –  Wynwood

Located in the heart of Wynwood, Miami’s trendy arts district, Freehold encompasses over 10,000SF including 3 bars, a 4,000SF courtyard and stage, an event and private dining space, a streetside cafe and 1970s NYC inspired pizza shop. The concept features the events Freehold has become known for while employing a variety of programming around tech, arts, food & beverage and health & wellness. It has a fair amount of seating and free Wi-Fi.



Dr Smood – Wynwood

Dr Smood is a pioneering boutique-café experience, where passion and purpose come together. Smart food emphasizes that our vision reaches beyond selling organic foods, providing delicious superfoods for optimal well-being. At Dr Smood they’re interested in the science behind food, what’s going on at a molecular level – the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes and fats that our bodies can use to make itself work, feel and look even better. It’s why they scour the world searching for the ingredients that pack the biggest nutritional punch. From cacao nibs, deer antler drops to ginseng, if it’s great for your health they’re coming up with new ways to make delicious food and beverages from it.


Miami Cafe – Wynwood

Miami Cafe is a great safe haven for folks looking for some peace and quiet in Wynwood. Located on the corner of the iconic Wynwood Building in Miami’s world-renowned edgy arts district, Miam Café & Boutique boasts a simple, fresh menu offered in a place where people can gather and enjoy fresh and homemade food and drinks all day long in a relaxed atmosphere. he sunny French cafe is very relaxed, with Wi-Fi and seating perfect for small groups or working solo. They have plenty of coffee options ranging from cappuccino to cold brew and a solid menu of sandwiches, toast, bowls, and salads.


Imperial Moto

Imperial Moto sells motorcycle apparel and has a small barbershop in the back. Founded by Miami Entrepreneur Matt McKenna in 2016. His passion for vintage motorcycles inspired him to design the perfect meet-up spot for fellow aficionados. Imperial Moto first debuted as a lifestyle brand, and custom motorcycle builder in 2016, and a café in Miami’s Little River neighborhood in 2017. Signature coffee became a top priority once the Imperial Moto Café concept was established. It’s a very solid spot to grab a coffee, an empanada, and get some work done. It’s not a big place, but there are some couches in the front and a handful of tables and very strong Wi-Fi.


I Think She Is

I Think She Is, a small coffee shop and cafe on the northern edge of Brickell. The coffee shop is probably the neighborhood’s best option if you want to get work done in a relatively chill and comfortable space. They care about the community, encourages co-working, good vibes, good music, and nice people ambiance! Stay all day to make your day sweeter, good food and good vibes.


Panther Coffee at The Betsy

Panther Coffee, Miami’s original specialty coffee roaster, is a local institution. Enter at 1433 Collins Avenue, the Carlton Room Café is a lounge space providing Panther Coffee, local craft beers, cold-pressed juices, fresh pastries and sandwiches, as well as the ideal work environment with ample seating, oversized TV and free WiFi.


Joe & The Juice

After finding massive success in its native Denmark in 2002, the ultra hip Joe & The Juice expanded on a global scale. The company’s first Florida store opened May 2017, and is located on Collins Ave., just a block away from Lincoln Road. There are three locations scattered around South Beach, but the one at 1600 Collins Ave is the most comfortable. It has a fair amount of seating and free Wi-Fi.






Brickell – Pete’s Coffee /

Pasion De Cielo in Brickell City Center

Midtown – IDK

Pasión Del Cielo – Midtown (parking garage or street parking)
Puroast Coffee – Brickell

Pinocchio on the bay and hideout cafe.

All Day – Downtown

Rosetta (15th Rd, Brickell)

Downtown Park West

900 Biscayne