During a two-day songwriting session, Spotify inspired artists to collaborate at Miami’s prestigious House of Hits recording studio. The Noteable x Dance & Electronic Songwriting Sessions brought together a diverse group of songwriters, producers, and artists to collaborate and create during, Miami Music Week, one of the most celebrated weeks in electronic music.

Participants included some of the genre’s hottest rising talent such as Honeyluv, Whethan, GTA, Camden Cox, Nala, MKLA, and more. Spotify’s 2018 London Dance & Electronic Sessions saw guest creators release dozens of records from the writing camp, including the GRAMMY-winning single “Hallucinate” by Dua Lipa, written by SG Lewis and Frances that week.

The Miami Guide had the pleasure of attending Spotify’s Noteable x Dance & Electronic Sessions in Miami. This was an exciting opportunity to observe the songwriting process first-hand from the very beginning stages of creation.

With Noteable, Spotify has created a central space for the songwriting community to learn about everything Spotify has to offer, find new opportunities, and collaborate with each other.

The Miami Guide had a chat with Camden Cox at the Noteable x Dance & Electronic Session with Spotify. Camden shared how she got started as an artist and how she developed her sound. She talked about what is important in her music and her about her upcoming music. We talked about her experience with Spotify and the Noteable x Dance & Electronic Session.

Camden told the Miami Guide that it opened a lot of doors and allowed her to collaborate with other inspiring artists, which helped her career as a dance and electronic artist.



We caught up with Prince Fox, American Songwriter and producer from Manhattan, New York. His experience at Notable has been incredible, from the recording process to having well curated sessions and good matches with everybody that he has been put in the room with.


Singer and musician CVBZ told the Miami Guide that his experience with Spotify has been amazing since the jump, and that he’s not sure where he would be without their support — especially initially. And, this is just “another testament to feeling supported by Digital Service Provider(DSP) that’s as independent artist like that’s the only thing you have,” you have ” your fans ” and you have support from DSP’s.


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