Salt & Straw is soaring east to open its first scoop shops in Miami, Florida. These will be the first shops on the East Coast, for the Portland-based, small-batch ice cream company known for its curiously delicious flavors and exceptional hospitality. Salt & Straw’s South Florida scoop shops will open in Wynwood and Coconut Grove neighborhoods in spring 2020.


“Tyler and I fell hard for Miami, it’s a city with such an international presence and history of embracing hospitality, culture, meaningful food movements and social causes that align with the core values of our company,” says Salt & Straw Co-founder and CEO Kim Malek. “We are humbled and excited to reach this milestone, opening our first scoop shops on the East Coast. And eager to meet our neighbors and create a gathering place for residents and visitors of South Florida.”


Taking inspiration from Miami, Salt & Straw’s Co-founder and Head Ice Cream Maker, Tyler Malek, will create a brand new locally sourced menu that reflects the flavors, food communities and local ingredients. The scoop shops will feature handmade classic and seasonal ice creams, with new flavors rotating in monthly, that tell the story of Miami chefs and artisans, including a few Miami favorites such as Panther Coffee and Wynwood Brewing.


“Miami is at a pivot point. Within the next few years I think it will be known as one of the best food cities in the world. We want to be here for it. I’m inspired by the sheer heritage, abundance and agriculture and you’ll see us evolve our style drastically because the greatness of the city demands it,” says Tyler Malek, Co-Founder and Head Ice Cream Maker at Salt & Straw.


Salt & Straw will hire and develop over 20 local team members at each location. The company offers extensive training programs in the areas of hospitality, food safety and leadership, as well as benefits that include access to affordable, high-quality health care, family leave, employee assistance, disability insurance and paid time off for both full- and part-time employees.


The Miami shops in Wynwood and Coconut Grove will represent the iconic Salt & Straw design, with curved oak edges, parquet wood inlay, custom terrazzo flooring and bespoke abstract waffle cone walls, creating a mood that’s both nostalgic and modern. Inspired by becoming a gathering place for the community, these spaces will showcase design direction from longtime partner, Portland-based Osmose Design, in tandem with Kim and Tyler, to create a warm, welcoming neighborhood spot to explore unbelievable ice cream flavors and connect with one another.


Salt & Straw will be popping up in Miami to meet their new neighbors

 and community next week. See details below.