MILA Omakase by Riviera Dining Group (RDG) has announced it will debut one of Miami’s first fine-dining vegan omakase experiences on Tuesday, April 25th. Helmed by chefs Michael Michaelidis and Reji Yoshizawa, the culinary journey takes a traditional, Japanese practice and amplifies it by utilizing the most refined ingredients combined with MILA’s Mediterranean influences. Available at MILA Omakase every Tuesday at 6 and 9 p.m., the $250 completely plant-based menu will offer guests of all diet types a remarkable experience with bold and innovative takes on traditional classics, all while maintaining the sacredness of a true omakase.


Revolving around Japan’s 72 micro-seasons, the intimate 15-course, 10-seat vegan omakase journey invites guests to relish the season’s freshest flavors with a Japanese-Mediterranean twist. Guests will be able to enjoy dishes such as  Gyozas, stuffed with shiitake mushroom, drizzled with black garlic ponzu; Watermelon Nigiri, garnished with shiso and yuzu salt; and Maitake Mushrooms, made with mushroom jus, winter truffles, pickled hon shimeji mushrooms, and shiitake puree. Guests will end their experience with vegan desserts like the Amazake Sorbet, made with local Ichigo and strawberry consommé.


MILA Omakase is an authentic, exclusive experience that transports guests to the Far East through embellishments and culinary expertise, nestled on the second level of MILA’s trendy rooftop lounge. The space is adorned with delicate cherry blossom trees, minimalist wooding, Japanese craftsmanship-inspired wallpaper, a dramatic marble countertop, a 500-year-old hinoki wood cutting board, and wall-mounted niches serving as MM Club members’ chopstick display – RDG’s exclusive membership club.


Vegan Omakase: Every Tuesday at 6 and 9 p.m. launching on Tuesday, April 25th

MILA Omakase Hours: Tuesday-Saturday at 6 and 9 p.m.


MILA Omakase, located on the second level of MILA Restaurant

1636 Meridian Avenue Rooftop, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | @milaomakase