In the past when in the Miami area, visitors could only daydream about being on one of those boats out the skipping the waves. Sure, sitting on one of Miami’s beaches watching the boats fly by probably beats the view from your hometown…but now setting sail on a privately-owned boat is accessible to anyone!

Boatsetter, Miami’s Airbnb for boat rentals, can amp up your next vacay!

Boat rentals used to be expensive, chock full of other tourists and on someone else’s schedule. Now, Miami-bound travelers can get out on the Atlantic with “boat sharing” and live the boat owner’s life, even if just for one day! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Craft the perfect boat rental adventure – Maybe you are in Miami but plan to spend some time in the Florida Keys or travel up the East Coast to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach…the boats are ready to set sail in ports all over Florida (and worldwide).

Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

  • What do you want to do out on the water? Dockside dining near South Beach, Sailing around Biscayne Bay, Offshore Fishing or Snorkeling by Everglades National Park. The options, well, those are endless! Choose your boat based on the fun you’re planning!
  • Who’s in your crew? Choose those among you who are: fun to be with, take a mean selfie and love adventure!
  • How much fun you want to have? Boat rentals are available for as little as a half day, a full day or extended trips…the fun can’t last forever, as much as we wish it could!

Step 2: Choose a captain to complete the boat rental experience – Even if you have loads of boating experience, you may still want to include a captain so you can relax and enjoy the day! Boatsetter captains are licensed, experienced and well-versed on Miami’s boating hot spots.

Step 3: Set sail! Wow, that was easy. (You might be saying?) And, it really is! Booking a privately-owned boat rental while visiting Miami is that easy. Boatsetter boat rentals come with insurance from rental start to finish, 24/7 on water support for emergencies and a flexible, free 24-hour cancellation policy!

Your private boating experience awaits. You’re just a few clicks away from the best view of Miami, the view from the water!

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