Lucyd® Smart Eyewear Event Draws in Miami’s Top Celebrities, Fashion Influencers and Investors at First-Look Lyte 2.0 Spring Eyewear Collection Debut Featuring ChatGPT AI

Lucyd® is disrupting the eyewear fashion world with the launch of its new Lyte 2.0 Spring Eyewear Collection, which made its first debut to the media, influencers and investors this past weekend in Wynwood at WYN 317 Art Gallery.

Say hello to Voice-enabled ChatGPT Sunglasses and Prescription eyewear from Lucyd!

Smart eyewear will never be the same— Lucyd’s newest Smartphone app debuted in the iOS and Google App stores, making its Smart Audio Sunglasses and Prescription glasses ChatGPT enabled. This is the first of its kind and no better than publicly traded technology fashion company, Innovative Eyewear Inc. to do it on a globally recognized landscape.


Dozens of stunning influencers, models, socialites, entertainers, entrepreneurs and media came together in Miami’s growing Wynwood district to attend Lucyd’s VIP Fashion Show Activation & Presentation at amidst beautiful art gracing the walls of  WYN 317 Art Gallery. This indoor and outdoor party celebrated the launch of Lucyd’s ChatGPT Smart audio eyewear— now the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence is hands-free and easily accessible within milliseconds via voice command.


Lucyd®’s Spring 2023 men’s and women’s eyewear collection has the potential to make a serious dent in the fashion eyewear market, which is expected to hit $215 Billion by 2025. “Our latest generation of smart glasses combines sleek design with open-ear headphones, UV protection, prescription lenses and voice assistance into one innovative, lightweight eyewear product that is equally beautiful and functional,” Gross said.


Lucyd’s quadrasonic speakers, open-air audio eyewear design are equipped with an ultra clear microphone, polarized UV 400 lenses and a 12-hour battery life. “Our R&D process enabled us to debut a seamless collection of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that easily work with the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence platform, ChatGPT. “This is something the Smart Eyewear market has yet to see and we’re excited to transform eyewear the way Smart watches were initially disrupted years ago by Apple,” Gross continued.


Download the Lucyd beta app now for a 30 day free trial and unlock the possibilities of ChatGPT-enabled smart glasses.