Americans love their pets. Like, a lot. A whopping 90.5 million families own a pet (70 percent of the population). And during the pandemic, the love for our furry friends only intensified. More than 23 million American households adopted a pet during the pandemic—close to one in five families.

And while some of these new pet owners are figuring out how to own an animal in “real life”, it’s safe to say that pet ownership in America is still going strong.

Based on a scoring system that ranked availability of health services, shelters, grooming, training/boarding and outdoor amenities, Miami trailed only Sarasota and Lancaster, PA for the nation’s top spot, according to real estate website Apartment Guide.

There’s a good reason why many consider Miami Florida’s crown jewel. But beyond all that high-profile glitz, glam and South Beach eye candy, this is a bonafide (pun intended) pet lover’s paradise.

People in these parts simply love their pets, which is probably why they live in Miami. How else would a whopping 152 vets/animal hospitals stay in business? Not to mention, 90 grooming facilities. This is Miami, after all, where even your pets need to look their best. Add to that 157 parks for your pups to play in, and it’s clear that this No. 3 spot has the substance to back the high ranking up.

Florida makes the strongest showing in our top 10, but the entire South dominates. There are just three non-Southern cities in our top 10, and nary a mention of the West.