Miami’s Design District has always been a hub for art lovers, and this season, it’s turning heads with its latest array of head-turning art galleries and exhibitions. In honor of Women’s History Month, the district has just welcomed an exhibit called “Still There Are Seeds to be Gathered,” which showcases the works of eighteen female artists from Miami. This exhibition highlights the talent and creativity of these female artists, giving them a platform to showcase their work to a broader audience.

But that’s not all. The district is also pleased to welcome back the Goodman Gallery for its third seasonal appearance in the iconic Buick Building. The Goodman Gallery is a world-renowned art gallery that has been showcasing contemporary art for over 50 years. With its sleek and modern interior, the gallery perfectly complements the surrounding neighborhood.

But perhaps the most exciting news is the recent art initiative by Coral Contemporary Gallery, which is introducing a new solo show by Magdelena Trucco in just a few short days. To celebrate Trucco’s show, “The Awakening Garden: A Journey of Sea, Land and Beyond,” the neighborhood is hosting an opening reception on Thursday, March 23rd. The event promises to be a night of profound art, with a DJ, bites, and a chance to immerse yourself in the world of Trucco’s work.

The Miami Design District is a place where art, fashion, and culture collide, and this season, it’s showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting art exhibitions in the city. With its array of galleries and exhibitions, the district is the perfect destination for art lovers looking to experience the latest and greatest in contemporary art. So if you’re in Miami, be sure to check out these new exhibitions and see why the art scene in the Design District is turning heads.


Still There Are Seeds to Be Gathered presents the work of eighteen women artists from Miami whose practices suggest an iconology of female bodies. Their works explore corporeality through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and performance, representing (or employing their own) bodies as fragments, vessels, and collective voices. The exhibition title quotes the final sentence from Ursula Le Guin’s “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” (1986), which proposes that vessels ¾and not weapons¾ were the primary tool for the evolution of humankind. The history of our survival is hereby seen as a by-product of our ability to contain and protect, transforming the understanding of our own unfolding into an anti-epic, non-linear narrative.



The works in this exhibition contain, disrupt, provoke, and nurture, suggesting a universe of disparate, but related experiences. Featuring works by: Joyce Billet, Rose Marie Cromwell, Carolina Cueva, Bernadett, Despujols, Giannina Dwin, Naomi Fisher, Nereida García Ferraz, Marina Font, Amy Gelb, Jeanne Jaffe, Carol Jazzar, Rhea Leonard, Amanda Linares, Jillian Mayer, Jul, Morsella, Shawna Moulton, Smita Sen, and Nina Surel. Still There Are Seeds to Be Gathered is organized in conjunction with Women’s History Month. The exhibition is co-curated by Karen Grimson and Laura Novoa, in collaboration with the Bakehouse Art Complex and TheCollective62.

Dates: Tuesdays – Sundays

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12PM – 7PM, Sunday 12PM – 6PM

Location: 3806 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137


The Goodman Gallery is a seasonal pop-up in the Miami Design District on view until April 23rd. For the third year, Goodman Gallery will be taking over a large space in the iconic Buick Building. The seasonal pop-up gallery showcases leading blue chip works with a focus on artists hailing from or with connections to the Global South. Featured artists: Ghada Amer,  El Anatsui, Carlos Garaicoa, David Goldblatt, Nicholas Hlobo,  Alfredo Jaar, Remy Jungerman, William Kentridge, Kapwani Kiwanga, and Naama Tsabar

Dates: Now – April 23rd

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12PM – 8PM, Sunday 12PM – 6PM

Location: Buick Building | 3841 NE 2nd Avenue Miami  33137


Seeing with New Eyes: Contemporary Art from Latin America features a selection of works by 11 emerging and mid-career artists from Latin America. Encompassing a variety of media including painting, embroidery, papercutting, collage and sculpture, the exhibition highlights contemporary artists who draw from reality to create mystical and deconstructed landscapes.

Among the artists represented are Vicente Grondona and Miguel D’Arienzo, whose narrative paintings reflect on our relationship with nature, while integrating magical realism and mythological elements into scenes from daily life. Whereas their works evoke narrative, Andres Paredes and Lucia Spotorno present elaborate landscapes and nature-based silhouettes. Mirroring one another, Parades’ delicate papercut works and Spotorno’s layered scenic paintings draw viewers in with their playful shadows and convincing depth. Lucas Pertile and Lia Porto’s mixed media and embroidery works push these elements even further through their complex, sensory, and ornamental pieces–detailed landscapes and patterns one can easily get lost in. Unlike their counterparts, Chiara Baccanelli, Lucila Fiorenza, Maria Santi, Ana Clara Soler, and Roberto Vivo abstract and deconstruct elements in their practice. Reducing objects to their essence, Fiorenza, Santi, and Soler stitch together compositions creating new narratives and relationships among items ranging from plants, fruits, and vases to organic forms.

Together, the exhibited works reflect a new way of seeing–one which departs from stark realism and incorporates a vibrant, playful, questioning of forms and traditional practices to create an encounter with the imaginary. Just on the horizon, Coral Contemporary Gallery will be introducing a new solo show by Magdelena Trucco: “The Awakening Garden: A Journey of Sea, Land and Beyond”. To celebrate Trucco’s show, the neighborhood is hosting an opening reception on Thursday, March 23rd.

Dates: Tuesdays – Sundays

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12PM – 7PM, Sunday 12PM – 6PM

Location: 3806 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137

New! Opening Reception for Magdelena Trucco’s Solo Show: Thursday March 23, 6PM-8PM | 3906 NE 1 st  Ave