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Life is Art, and Art is an Essential Part of Miami with Jessica de Vreeze
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Miami Art

We’re at The Sagamore Hotel situated within the historic Miami Beach Art Deco District. The Sagamore is a place of Art since 1940 in Miami and we’re meeting up with an amazing artist, Jessica de Vreeze. Jessica is a French American visual artist, born in Paris and now based in Miami.

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Jessica de Vreeze is a French American visual artist, born in Paris and now based in Miami. Her life has always revolved around Art but after spending years as a lawyer, she decided to listen to her Heart and switched careers to become the Visual Artist she has always been.

Jessica is based in Miami but often travels around the world to NYC, Paris, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to showcase her amazing artwork.

I’m happy to have Jessica on the podcast because “Life is art and art is an essential part of Miami.” She is here to share her inspiring story on how she became a professional artist.

3 Key Points:

1. Why Miami

How she switched careers to become the Visual Artist.

2. What in Miami

How she finds inspiration to create amazing artwork.

3. Where in Miami

Why she loves Miami and all the artistic neighborhoods.

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