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Life as a Model in Miami with Jessica Martin
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Life as a Model and Influencer in Miami

Jessica Martin is a well known Miami based model and Instagram influencer. Jessica shares her story about life as a Model and Influencer in Miami and how she plans to expand her brand The Jessica experience.

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We’re at the glamorous Eden Roc hotel lobby in the famous Morris Lapidus designed lounge meeting up with Jessica Martin. I’m happy to have Jessica on the podcast because she grew up in Miami and really considers herself as a Miami person. She shares her story about how she got started in modeling and built a large online following becoming an Instagram influencer. Besides modeling, she is creating amazing content, from fashion, beauty, and even travel.

Jessica shares the strategies she used to build a large online following and how she plans to expand her brand The Jessica experience.

3 Key Points:

1. Why Miami

Jessica grew up in Miami and really considers herself as a Miami person. Being a Model and Influencer in Miami is the perfect combination. Jessica loves photography and Miami offers an excellent setting for creating beautiful content.

2. What in Miami

Jessica is building her personal brand on Social Media. The best way to grow your following on Instagram is to connect with the audience you already have. Engage people with questions and polls. Do giveaways on brand for your page. Follow hashtags and like other posts to gain new followers.

3. Where in Miami

Jessica likes to hang out in Wynwood Arts District, attend events in the Miami Design district and unwind with a drink at Limonada in South Beach.

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