Le Dîner en Blanc returns to Miami to celebrate its 5th Anniversary Edition! The elegant and secret affair will bring its festive and community feel of this long-standing French picnic tradition to Miami on Saturday, April 9th, 2022! The hosting team is already hard at work in preparing another magical night for their guests. As always, the venue will remain secret until the last minute.

This unique social gathering with its breathtaking scenery of thousands of white-clad guests descending upon one of the city’s most prestigious public spaces creates at every edition unforgettable and instantly ‘Instagram-able’ moments. 

To be part of the celebration, people can sign up now by visiting the Miami website at miami.dinerenblanc.com and clicking on the Register tab. Le Dîner en Blanc – Miami will follow all the recommendations made by the local Public Health and Safety on the Covid-19 situation.

Melie Viera and Monica Castaneda, hosts of Le Dîner en Blanc in Miami, are glad that Le Dîner en Blanc is returning to Miami, this year’s event will help the local economy. 


“This chic and elegant affair aims to encourage people to shop local and bring to the event their local flavor. This year marks the 5th edition of Le Diner en Blanc in Miami! said Melie Viera “The amazing must-attend event will be celebrating our city and community, we invite the participants to register early, not to wait until the last moment. “


To maintain the uniqueness of Le Dîner en Blanc as well as staying true to tradition, guests must observe certain requirements and follow a few key rules:

  • Dress code: head-to-toe in elegant and white-only attire. Originality is encouraged as long as it is stylish and tasteful.
  • Table setting:  all white!
  • Champagne and/or wine. Beer and hard liquor are prohibited.
  • As per Florida alcohol laws/regulations, guests cannot bring their own alcohol. Guests wishing to enjoy some wine or Champagne must reserve online through Le Dîner en Blanc’s e-store. However, guests are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages.  
  • To ensure that the location secret is kept undisclosed until the last minute, guests meet at the assigned departure location and are escorted by a Dîner en Blanc volunteer.
  • In order to leave the event location as clean as when they arrived, guests are required to leave with all their belongings, leftovers, and litter.

 Guests must bring

  • A table, two white chairs, white tablecloth.
  • A picnic basket comprising fine food and proper stemware and white dinnerware.
  • A catered picnic basket option, which can be picked up on-site, will be available for those who do not wish to pack their own. Guests wishing to do so must reserve online through Le Dîner en Blanc’s e-store.


About the Hosts of Le Dîner en Blanc – Miami

The new dream team for Le Dîner en Blanc- Miami is made up of the following devoted hosts: Melie Viera and Monica Castaneda, to whom the exciting world of event-planning holds no secrets! Each event is headed by passionate local organizers who fell in love with the concept and who wanted to bring it to their city, adding their own local flair while respecting the event’s core values.


About Le Dîner en Blanc

Over the years, Le Dîner en Blanc has become a worldwide epicurean phenomenon. What was a “friends and word-of-mouth only” event has grown into an international sensation celebrated on six continents. Launched in Paris in 1988 by François Pasquier and a handful of friends, Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris marked its 30th anniversary in 2018 with a record 17,000 guests from Paris and around the world. While the technology behind the event may have changed over the years, the principle fuelling this fantastic event has not: guests dressed in all white continue to gather at a secret location for the sole purpose of sharing a gourmet meal with good friends in one of their city’s most beautiful public spaces. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dîner en Blanc International is responsible for developing this secret posh picnic in over 120 cities in 40 countries around the world. Each event is headed by passionate local organizers who fell in love with the concept and wanted to bring it to their city, giving this rendezvous a local flair. For more info, photos, and videos of Le Dîner en Blanc events from around the world, visit dinerenblanc.com.



For full details on the event, please visit miami.dinerenblanc.com or

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