Are you ready to be Miami Famous? The eyes of the world will be focused on the main event of the weekend – the ING Miami Marathon®. Friends, family and curious spectators will line up along the 26.2 miles of roadways filled with inspiring sights and sounds to cheer on the many that chose to RUN MIAMI on Sunday, January 29, 2012.

“The 2012 ING Miami Marathon and Half-Marathon® has earned its niche as a premier running event,” said ING Miami Marathon® Race Director. “Through validation by publications such as Runners World and USA Today and also through word of mouth among runners throughout the country, people are sharing that this is a race that everybody has to run.

“You are coming to Miami. People want to visit our South Florida community. And this is one of the more scenic courses, if not the most scenic, in the country.”

Entries typically surge in the final days before the race due to the resolutions runners make around the New Year to complete their training and test themselves at the marathon or half-marathon distance. Corporations are also encouraging their employees to be more active and get in shape and are offering them incentives to do so.

“Running is good for people and frankly it makes them feel better,” “Even in the tough economic times that we have been experiencing the past few years, the continued growth of the ING Miami Marathon is proof that running is important in people’s lives and has become a part of their lifestyle.”

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