Traditional-styled dining is out the door at Barton G! A kaleidoscope of sights and flavors, the Barton G. Restaurant in Miami Beach offers food enthusiasts a chance to witness one of Florida’s most surreal fine dining experiences. Whether they’re serving parties of any size, varying from date nights, friends’ nights out, birthdays, private events, etc., they are not afraid to do things bigger, bolder, and more dramatic. From the moment each dish is prepared to the second the plate hits the table, every guest is guaranteed a show-stopping, memorable dining experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Known for their humorous yet extravagant desserts and entrees, Barton G is the place to go when you want to show off (to anyone, really). The presentation of each item is different from another, whether it’s a 2-feet high cotton candy hair for the Marie Antoinette dessert to a giant fork (3 feet to be exact) to go with your steak. Everything here is made to be Insta-worthy because you’ll definitely want to show off. Receiving worldwide recognition, the presentations here are ever-changing as they create new eccentric combinations. Expect things like Popcorn Shrimp served with a popcorn machine, Lobster Pop-Tarts where ravioli is toasted in a toaster at your table, and a huge flaming hot Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all, a showstopper for sure, served with a giant crumpled Benjamin backdrop, a miniature safe, gold bars, and gold coins. Still, the real treasure is the main dish: A massive tart with a graham cracker crust, a mound of chocolate ganache, swirls of dulce de leche, and a gooey top layer of marshmallow-y meringue.

A menu that has to be seen and tasted to be believed; the theatrics don’t stop there. Barton G brings to life your wildest cuisine fantasies with an Alice and Wonderland childlike wonder that will keep you captivated from the moment you sit down at your table. Order the Seafood Bubble Bath, and you’ll be handed a bubble bath served with snow crab, sausage, corn, jumbo shrimp, and edible bubbles made from beer. Vegetarians will delight in the menu’s salad options, like the Señor Caesar’s Salad, which comes served with crisp romaine hearts, cornbread Croutons, caesar dressing, and parmesan snow.

The menu here extends to its array of tempting cocktails, where experienced bartenders prepare a range of nitrogen-infused drinks and specialty cocktails. Designed to inspire, the restaurant’s philosophy is to bring out the playful side of fine dining and highlight a vibrant spectrum of colors, sounds, textures, and aromas.

Pair any dish with specialty drinks or liquid nitrogen cocktails from their Below Zero Nitro-Bar for a smokey show, such as the Sabrina, Dead or Alive, or Hawaiian Pimp Juice, to name a few. Located in a stylish restaurant with plush decor, its South Beach location pairs perfectly with its over-the-top concoctions and eccentric food presentations. Dinner here is an unparalleled experience, one you certainly won’t want to pass up on your next trip to South Beach in Miami.