The brand-new Heineken® ‘When You Drive, Never Drink’ campaign addresses the common issue of overconfidence when drinking alcohol. Research revealed that 81% of people become overconfident when they drink and believe that they are a better driver than they are.

Some of the greatest drivers are from the world of F1® and W Series, and it’s at the exact moment when you feel you are one of them, that you should not drive, and should find an alternative way to get home.

Heineken® tackles the serious topic of responsible drinking in an engaging and entertaining way, with the help of a couple of familiar faces from the world of F1® and W Series: McLaren Racing Driver Daniel Ricciardo, Oracle Red Bull Racing Driver Sergio Perez and W Series Ambassador and racing driver, Naomi Schiff.

In the campaign, our stars from the world of racing appear to be enjoying a fun night out with their friends, creatively bringing to life how after a couple of drinks you may believe you are a great driver – just like the professionals. However, at the end of the night the characters revert back to their normal selves and are shown making the right choice – to not drive and instead get into a taxi.

A social first campaign, using innovative deepfake technology, these assets will launch globally through digital across the Miami racing weekend with an objective to reach 1 billion people with this important responsibility message.

To support the launch and to encourage people to make the right choice by getting a safe ride home during race weekend, Heineken® is teaming up with the McLaren F1® Team to surprise fans in Miami with a ride home in a McLaren supercar. Heineken® will also encourage F1® fans to get safe rides all weekend across the United States by offering discount code ‘GREATRIDES through Uber. The promotion will run Thursday, May 5 through Sunday, May 8.



The Miami Guide played an important role in helping to promote the Heineken® and McLaren F1® Team’s campaign to encourage safe rides during race weekend in Miami. By covering the campaign, The Miami Guide has helped to raise awareness about the importance of responsible drinking and safe transportation, and has provided valuable information to the public about available resources for safe rides.



Naomi Schiff, W Series driver, told the Miami Guide, “Miami is famous for its nightlife, culture and sport – making it the perfect host city for a race weekend. There will be so much great driving to take in this weekend, so if you’ve been out and you feel like a great driver, it’s best to leave it to those out on track and book yourself a safe ride home.”

Daniel Ricciardo, The McLaren F1® Team Driver told to the Miami Guide, “I may be one of the most charming F1® drivers, but after a drink I become an even more charming passenger. So when you feel like me after a drink or two, remember to get a safe ride home. “

Global Head of Heineken® Brand, Bram Westenbrink said to the Miami Guide, “When You Drive Never Drink is a message we are very passionate about because it’s the core of our partnership with F1® and W Series. As the world turns its attention to this vibrant and cool city for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, we are excited to launch the latest phase of this campaign. We know that drinking can lead to a feeling of overconfidence and it’s this insight that has helped shape our creative direction. So, if you do have a drink, please leave the driving to the professionals. 

Along with our star-studded line up of talented drivers we are also excited to be working with McLaren, to make it easier than ever before for fans to make the right choice and give them an amazing experience to get home safely over the F1® Miami weekend.”

Heineken® on track activity

Heineken® will also offer exciting on-site activations for F1® attendees all weekend long. The brand-new fully sustainable Heineken® Greener Bar is made from all natural materials including recycled grass from Hard Rock Stadium, used for the flooring and situated in one of the Fan Zones. Additionally, the Heineken® High Line will suspend racegoers in gondolas high above the track, offering a truly unique and spectacular bird’s eye view of the action below. Beer lovers can top off their Heineken® High Line experience with an ice-cold Heineken®.

Heineken® Responsible Consumption

Since entering motorsport in 2016, Heineken® has been committed to real change around attitudes towards drink driving. Heineken® has always advocated responsible consumption, with global motorsport partnerships now providing an effective platform to destigmatise responsible drinking. On top of this, Heineken® has committed to investing 10%+ of all media budget to supporting these programmes.

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