Debuting February 19th, steps away from the Miami Design District in the Buena Vista Neighborhood, La Màrtola brings a unique and vibrant dining experience and sought-after destination for food and wine enthusiasts. Situated at 4702 NE 2nd Ave, La Màrtola draws inspiration from the culinary treasures of the Italian, French, and Spanish Rivieras, celebrating the simplicity of ingredients and the quality of coastal foods, through a creative lens into traditional flavors.

Cultivated by a passion for exceptional food and beverage, La Màrtola is spearheaded by esteemed partners: food and beverage impresario Paolo Domeneghetti and internationally recognized La Filiale owner, Martino de Rosa. Hailing from New York City and Italy, respectively, both have come together to bring the European philosophy of generous, warm hospitality to Buena Vista. This philosophy not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captures the heart and soul, inspiring guests to savor the beauty of life through an exceptional meal shared with family and friends.

“La Màrtola is the culmination of our passion for dining that is casually elegant, creatively simple, and uniquely familiar. We highlight the simplicity and quality of classics, blending tradition and innovation to create a space that inspires the art of savoring life.” – Paolo Domeneghetti, Owner

A sanctuary where guests are encouraged to celebrate and indulge, La Màrtola redefines the simplicity of the culinary landscape. Meals are filled with aromas from the Stefano Ferrara wood-fired pizza oven and custom-made wood grill by Grillworks with a gently illuminated open-air setting reminiscent of the coast of Saint Tropez, Marbella, or Portofino. Inside, La Màrtola presents an elegantly inviting European atmosphere, in harmony with classic fresh flavors that emphasize quality through impeccable, fresh organic ingredients. The intimate bar at La Màrtola showcases a carefully selected collection of spirits, classic cocktails, and a wine list brimming with personality.

La Màrtola’s menu stands as a testament to excellence via simplicity, where the finest local produce meets select imports from coastal gems of the “old world.” The house’s culinary offerings celebrate a blend of timeless favorites and inventive new dishes, unified by a philosophy of authenticity and ingenuity. This includes an exquisite array of pizzas crafted by La Filiale, a selection of wood-fired and grilled farm-raised meats, fresh local fish, vibrant, locally sourced vegetables, and a world-class gelato program curated by Italian master gelataio, Simone Bonini.

At La Màrtola, the dining experience is relaxed, inviting guests to explore the menu with comfort. Ice-cold Farm-Fresh Oysters perfectly set the stage for signature selections like Orata Crudo with Ciliegini tomatoes & Taggiasca olives, and Bluefin Akami Tuna Tartare with Mediterranean gin, grapefruit & orange brilliantly combined with traditional plates like Lobster Salad or Paleta Ibérica con Chips. Delving deeper into the menu, the masterfully grilled Turbot and the Bistecca Fiorentina deliver exceptional simplicity. Presented family-style, these dishes capture the aura of this oasis. Alongside house specialties like Olive Ascolane, Fried Cremini, and Farm-Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes, La Màrtola delivers the pleasure guests will crave.

La Filiale is at the helm of La Màrtola’s pizza program, presenting an array of Neapolitan-style pizzas ranging from the simple elegance of the Libretto to the rich depths of the Carbonara, the vibrant spicy flavors of the Vesuvio, and the creativity of the Portonovo. Each pizza is a testament to the art of pizza making, featuring ingredients freshly imported from Naples and a secret, naturally fermented ‘impasto’ prepared in-house daily.

Attention to detail and quality is evident throughout the menu.

La Màrtola’s wine list features select categories highlighting the menu: Champagne, Burgundy, Barolo, Rosé, and a “pocket list” showcasing special bottlings from winemaker “Friends of La Màrtola”. Cocktails include a variety of signature and classic drinks, as well as aromatic and herbal spritzes, using local and natural ingredients.

Inspired by the charm of European coastal towns, La Màrtola offers year-round al fresco seating. The space centers around a garden of fragrant botanicals, woody herbs, olive trees, lavender, rosemary,  jasmine, and Italian lemon. Upon entering, guests are greeted by this lush coastal garden harmoniously integrated with the interior, displaying unique ceramic artworks custom-created by artist Daphne Leon. La Màrtola’s design combines natural palettes creating a warm, elegant, and inviting environment. Mise en place stations serve as a visual showcase of culinary craftsmanship, with displays presenting an array of fresh florals and food, completing La Màrtola’s sensory and aesthetic experience. This, together with the inspired team of La Màrtola, creates a forever inviting comfort.

La Màrtola will be open daily from lunch to dinner – 12 PM to 10:30 PM – with a seasonal menu alongside fresh and ever-changing daily specials. For more information, please visit