The Ibero American Film Festival Miami, which will take place January 24 – 29, 2023, in Miami,  Florida, announced the films selected for the fifth edition of the festival. The 2023 Festival will  feature fifty, independent films selected amongst hundreds of submissions.  

This year´s festival will host Argentina as its honored guest with the opening film, El Gerente, Ariel Winogard (Argentina), starring Leonardo Sbaraglia and Carla Peterson, on Tuesday,  January 24 at 7:00 PM. 

Festival attendees will return to theaters to discover IberoAmerican independent films. The  festival´s programming includes features, short films and documentaries in different categories:  

Nuevos Talentos (New Talents), this category showcases new works from Ibero-American  countries that present an original, autonomous and daring cinematographic proposal, this  section´s objective is discovering of talent, as well as proposing innovative and challenging  cinema, here are the films presented in this category: Niños De Las Brisas, Marianela  Maldonado (Venezuela), Sublime, Mariano Biasin (Argentina), El Agua, Elena López Riera  (Spain), Nunca Seremos Parte, Amelia Eloisa (México), Un Varón, Fabián Hernández  (Colombia).  

Visiones Contemporáneas (Contemporary Visions), this category highlights how Ibero American talent is capable for of telling universal stories and seeks to identify and explore trends,  themes and innovations by using genres of audiovisual language, here are the films presented in  this category: Pasitos a la Fama, Carlos Carrera (México), Noche Americana, Alejandro  Bazzano (Uruguay, Allanamiento, Tomás González Matos (Chile), Mi Vacío y Yo, Adrián  Silvestre (España), La Maternal, Pilar Palomero (España), La Uruguaya, Ana García Blaya  (Argentina). 

Arte Ibero (Ibero Art), this category includes all kinds of productions that mix cinema with  another artistic branch, it is a section dedicated to Ibero-American creativity, such as art, design,  cooking and music, here are the films presented in this category: El Sueño de Ayer, Emilio Maillé  (México), Capitanes de América, Gonzalo Lamela (Argentina), Superadaptados, Juan José  Campanella (Argentina), Explora Colombia, Marco Contreras (Colombia), El Norte Sobre el  Vacio, Alejandra Marquez Abella (Mexico). 

Cine Con Sentido (Cinema with Sense), this year the IAFFM will once again join, with one of  its most important allies, the Dicapta Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to  guarantee equal access to information for people with hearing and/or visual disabilities. In  collaboration with Channel 22, here are the following films presented in this category: Manantial, 



Federico Novelo and Gabriela Govela (Mexico), María Izquierdo: Mujer y Artista, Gabriel  Santander (Mexico), Mi Casa, Maribel Suarez (Mexico), Mesa de Tareas, Andrea Rey  (Colombia). The fifth edition of the Ibero American Film Festival Miami, will also include a variety of events,  galas, workshops and awards:  

Animiami, animation is a method by which still figures are manipulated to appear as moving  images. This category will present a large selection of activities around the world of animation,  here are the films presented in this category: Metegol, Juan José Campanella (Argentina), Papa  Consiguio Trabajo en Marte, Damian Galateo (Argentina), Porno Domestico, Dom (Argentina),  Medialunas (Croissants), Mariano Mendes (Argentina), Carlos Montaña, Ita Romero  (Argentina), Entre Lineas, Juan Paulin Lara (Mexico). 

Taller de Chuco (Chucho’s Workshop), the animation studio founded by Guillermo Del Toro,  which has a talented team of animators and staff who worked closely on the movie Pinocchio.  Director Angélica Lares, along with other members, will offer an animation workshop and will  exhibit some of their pieces. The studio will also present two films, Hasta Los Huesos, Rene  Castillo (Mexico) and Viva El Rey, Luis Tellez (Mexico). 

Galas Miami (Miami Galas), galas for highly produced films, special functions in collaboration  with cultural institutes or film festivals; here we will have red carpets full of glamor with great  guests: Cuando Duerme Conmigo, Eduardo Roman (Mexico-Argentina-USA), Estoy Todo Lo  Iguana Que Se Puede, Julián Robles (Mexico), 30 Noches Con Mi Ex, Adrián Suar (Argentina). 

Competencia de Cortometrajes (Short Film Competition), in this category 16 short films will  compete.  

IAFFM Industria (IAFFM Industry), this section will focus on how the industry uses Miami to  bridge between Ibero-American producers. There will be a series of panels with professionals for  anyone who is interested in venturing into the world of cinema. 

Rainbow Flamingo Award, within all the feature films, that are part of the programming-both  fiction and documentary, an award will be presented to a film with a LGBTQ+ theme. 

FICM Presenta (FICM Presents), a special screening of, El Norte Sobre el Vacío, Alejandra  Márquez Abella (Mexico), the winning film of the most recent edition of the Morelia International  Film Festival will take place on, Friday, January 27, 2023. 

Work In Progress, IAFFM is proud to announce the launch of “Work in Progress” with the aim  of contributing and promoting internationally Ibero-American cinematographic works that are  close to being completed. The films presented in this category: Fragmented, Facundo Escudero  Salinas (Argentina), St. Vierja Academy, José A. Stoute (Panama), Once Upon a Time in The  Andes, Rómulo Sulca (Peru), María Ojos Negros, Benjamín Brunet (Chile). These films will be  screen at private functions to people from the industry.  

Contact: Laura Mejía 

E-mail: [email protected]

The Festival is honored to present an award for a career tribute to the Argentine director,  screenwriter and film producer, Juan José Campanella, who’s 2009 film, El Secreto de Sus  Ojos, won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Campanella will present his film, El Cuento De Las  Comadregas. 

The Ibero American Film Festival Miami, IAFFM, invites you to join them, for 6 days, as they  present the best feature, short films and documentaries from Latin America, Spain and Portugal  with the aim of promoting Ibero-American stories, messages of social impact, culture, flavors and  emotions. 

For more information, visit the official site, to access all their programming.