Decobike the Award-Winning Bike Share Program will team up with the Miami International Boat Show to provide Sustainable Transportation for Boat Show Patrons.

DECOBIKE has quickly become the new and “green” way to get around the Miami Beach area. This urban transportation solution is designed to replace short, local trips normally made car with DECOBIKES, and is aimed at saving riders from the hassles of expensive and hard to find parking for automobiles. Aside from saving riders time and money, it’s also the best way to experience the Miami Beach area.

With a city-wide network of more than 85 kiosk locations and 1,000 custom DECOBIKES, the program is available to all residents and visitors, 24 hours a day. DECOBIKE kiosks are automated and are conveniently located around the Miami Beach Convention Center as well as most major hotels, shops, restaurants, beaches and other attractions to help eliminate the need for a cars or taxis while in the city. “DECOBIKE is a fun and sustainable transportation alternative for our patrons,” says Melissa Gaffney of the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Since its launch in March, DECOBIKE has logged nearly 550,000 rides in Miami Beach and their bikes have traveled more than 1.3 million miles. The program recently won the prestigious US Conference of Mayors City Livability Award thanks to the benefits it confers upon the community. It also is the country’s most comprehensive bike share system featuring the best bike-to-resident ratio and most stations per square mile, making it a viable public transportation option.

Riders can access all available DECOBIKES at any kiosk throughout the City of Miami Beach and its famous South Beach Art Deco District. Appropriately geared up to serve the patrons of the Miami International Boat Show, there are multiple DECOBIKE kiosk locations surrounding the Miami Beach Convention Center as well as the in-water display adjacent to the Biscayne Bay Marriot and Sea Isle Marina in the Downtown Miami area, making it the first bike sharing program in the world to serve as an alternative form of public transportation for an international boat show and yachting event of this magnitude. Locating kiosks and available bikes is made easy with online maps and mobile apps.

For visitors to the area, there are several affordable rental options available, ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours, while residents can gain access to the system via long-term membership subscriptions. Visitors do not need to pre-register and only need a valid credit or debit card. Patrons can simply approach any kiosk and select any available bike they wish. Bikes can then be docked at any kiosk in the city when done riding. When ready to ride again, riders can check out another bike from any station in the city by swiping their card again. The system remembers who the rider is and no additional charges will be incurred during the selected rental period. “Ride, Dock & Repeat” is an easy way for riders to remember how the program works.

DECOBIKE is expanding services into several other U.S. cities and is developed and operated by DECOBIKE, LLC. The Miami International Boat Show runs from February 16-20, 2012 and is one of the largest boat shows in the world, operated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. DECOBIKE will also be providing bicycle sharing and rental services throughout the Yacht & Brokerage Show venue along Collins Avenue and Indian Creek in Miami Beach, which hosts one of the world’s largest collection of megayachts and is operated by Show Management.

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