The House of Infinite Potential will debut a four-day art exhibit and immersive and interactive show for the first time on the east coast during Miami Art Week 2022 at the Magic City Innovation District’s New Basecamp art park located at 298 NE 61st St, Miami, FL 33137 in MiMo Miami from Nov.  30th to Dec. 4, 2022 from 12  p.m. to 8 p.m in front of hundreds of art  lovers to celebrate the human experience.

Creative Director, Pan Pantoja, is leading the design-build of an infinity-shaped superstructure where visitors will enter into an extra-planetary world. Similar to Burning Man’s Black Rock City, The Playa, art-adventurers can choose their own path in this magical artistic, interactive exhibit spanned across 9 different rooms. There are infinite ways to experience these abstract, immersive attractions including a maze, sculpture courtyard, a circus tent with performance artists, two installations created by innovative theater companies, and seven artist-curated installations with live actors.

“I found initial inspiration for the traveling art exhibit from the infinity symbol (∞), which represents a line that never ends and was first used by Wallis in the mid 1650s. The infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity and is unlimited, endless, and without bound– Something every human being is capable of. We all have unlimited potential  and we want our guests to receive thought-provoking inspiration and experience a unique journey through this colorful and stunning art exhibition,” Pantoja said.

This massive art exhibit and interactive performance experience will feature artwork from globally recognized artists from varied parts of the world including Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Rwanda. In addition, this art exhibit will take place in 11 spheres accompanied by two center courtyards spread across nine rooms featuring multi-sensory artistic mediums including sculptures, stimulating sounds, paints,scents, live music, poetry and physical touch incorporating different elements like water, fire, sand, and fragrant flowers to amplify the attendee’s connection to reality. “The goal of this art exhibit is to remind guests of their role and responsibility in this life journey that started before them and will continue long after them,”  Paantoja said.

The top featured performance artists for this unique, four-day Art Week 2022 exhibit includes Pan Pantoja, Jerry Snider who has established a reputation in the global art community for his iconic Lanterns; actor and artist, Tom Franco; Rwandan artist, Pacific, of the Niyo Art Gallery & Center, a renowned and globally recognized art gallery in Africa, and Rubevelli along with Tribal Minds, a Nevada-based Native American art group which will present a self-titled interactive space that invites participants to look at their place in this life experience. “We’re proud to work with art groups like the Niyo Art Gallery, which has previously donated a portion of its art sales to build orphanages in Rwanda. Art with a good cause is always something we love to do,” Pantoja stated.

Non-traditional, alternative healing as well as immersive healing arts will also be core themes in the  House of Infinite Potential’s multi-faceted art exhibit. “Whether you want to  explore  and simply watch this interactive art and performance show or get hypnotized by some of our artists  and healers, we’ll have it all!” Pantoja said.

Tickets for the  House of Infinite Potential  art exhibit range from $25 (pre-sale) to $35 (on-site general admission) and are available in groupings of four for $80:



Founded and led by creative director Pan Pantoja, the House of Infinite Potential is an immersive and interactive, traveling experiential art exhibit that features varied art from 30 profound artists from around the world. Known for providing guests visually and mentally stimulating and healing experiences via massive sculptures, live performances and live performances, creating a sacred art space with exciting, relevant, and impactful shows that demonstrate the transformative and healing power of art. As human beings first and artists second, HOIP is dedicated to co-creating equitable opportunities for artists to express their truest authentic selves and provide brave spaces for collaboration and learning that also actively promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, shared decision-making while encouraging collaborative and cooperative decision making. The HOIP art  group is also  deeply committed to finding new ways to embody sustainable practices that honor the environment and acknowledge the indigenous nations, whose land we work upon. To learn more, visit the Potentialist Workshop: