The conference is committed to providing a platform for diverse views and opinions to build a strong Bitcoin community that focuses on solving real problems and finding solutions. The program includes speakers from all spheres of society, from academics to engineers to politicians. Prominent political figures speaking at the conference include Cynthia Lummis, Senator from Wyoming; Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java, Indonesia; Congressman Patrick McHenry of North Carolina; Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida; Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii; and David McIntosh, former Congressman & White House Senior staff.

“Bringing political speakers to the Bitcoin 2023 conference is not just about highlighting the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin in the political sphere, but also about providing a platform for diverse perspectives and ideas. We believe that by engaging with politicians who are open to the idea of Bitcoin, and furthering their understanding of Bitcoin at the conference, we can create champions for the industry in Washington and beyond.”

Brandon Green, Director of Events at BTC Media

Cynthia Lummis, Senator from Wyoming

Senator Lummis, a staunch advocate for Bitcoin and technological innovation, will share her views on cryptocurrency’s role in the financial industry. She has been a vocal proponent of Bitcoin, co-sponsoring the Financial Innovation Act of 2021, which calls for a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java

Governor Kamil, who oversees a population of over 50 million people, is a true visionary leader who believes in embracing innovation for humanity’s benefit. He is working with US entities to bring education and adoption of Bitcoin to Indonesia and is at the forefront of these initiatives.

Congressman Patrick McHenry of North Carolina

Congressman McHenry is a dedicated public servant with a wealth of experience in advocating for innovative solutions that benefit American families and small businesses. As Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, he is committed to increasing access to financial tools, and his leadership has already resulted in the passage of landmark legislation like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida

Congressman Donalds, who represents Florida’s 19th Congressional District, is a champion for education reform, criminal justice reform, and more. Prior to his public service, he worked in the finance industry for nearly two decades, and he has been a staunch critic of Central Bank Digital Currencies and financial surveillance.

Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii

Former Congresswoman and 2020 Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard made headlines last October when she announced her departure from the Democratic Party, citing the need for leaders who prioritize the safety, security, and freedom of the American people over partisan politics. With her unique perspective on both domestic and foreign policy issues, Gabbard is sure to bring valuable insights to the conference’s discussions on the role of Bitcoin in shaping the future of the country.

David McIntosh, former Congressman & White House Senior staff

He fights for Bitcoin freedom by opposing efforts for a Central Bank Digital Currency & false climate change regulatory proposals. As a former Congressman & White House Senior staff, he champions pro-Bitcoin legislation at both state & federal levels, maintaining Bitcoin as a safe alternative to inflate the US dollar.
The Bitcoin 2023 Conference promises to be an exciting event for those interested in the future of money and technology.

About The Bitcoin Conference
Since 2012 Bitcoin Magazine has been the most trusted source of news, information, and expert commentary on Bitcoin. Providing analysis, research, education, and thought leadership at the intersection of finance, technology, and culture. They are also the organizer of the cryptocurrency industry’s largest annual event – The Bitcoin Conference.
This annual global Bitcoin Conference has grown tremendously since it began in San Francisco in 2019. April 2022 in Miami the team hosted over 26,000 attendees and 400+ companies and went global in October of 2022 with Bitcoin Amsterdam – the largest European bitcoin conference. This years events have been scheduled Bitcoin 2023 on May 18-20 2023 in Miami and Bitcoin Amsterdam on October 12-13 2023.