As the sun-soaked city of Miami gears up to celebrate National Rum Day on August 16th, rum enthusiasts are eagerly preparing to toast to this cherished spirit in style. With its vibrant energy, picturesque landscapes, and renowned nightlife scene, Miami provides the perfect backdrop for a day of rum-infused revelry. Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to indulge or a visitor seeking the ultimate tropical cocktail experience, we’ve curated a guide to the top destinations in the Magic City where you can sip on exquisite rum concoctions and celebrate this special occasion. From chic beachfront clubs to hidden speakeasies, Miami offers a diverse array of venues that will make your National Rum Day truly unforgettable.


Baia Beach Club at Mondrian South Beach: Savor the Ocean Breeze

Baia Beach Club, nestled within the iconic Mondrian South Beach, sets the stage for a tantalizing National Rum Day celebration. This tropical Mediterranean-inspired oasis offers an idyllic waterfront setting to enjoy rum-infused concoctions. On this special day, Baia Beach Club invites you to indulge in their heavenly Piña Coladas and the elegance of Brugal 1888. But the delights don’t stop there—be sure to explore their cocktail menu, featuring unique blends like Another Night in Miami and Day Off, both expertly crafted to titillate the taste buds. With picturesque views and a touch of Mediterranean charm, Baia Beach Club promises a National Rum Day experience like no other.


Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami: Artisanal Mixology Meets Tropical Paradise

Broken Shaker, housed within the beloved Freehand Hotel, is a name synonymous with impeccable mixology and handcrafted cocktails. This National Rum Day, immerse yourself in the lush backyard oasis and partake in their renowned rum-based creations. Cool Runnings and The Luckiest are just a glimpse of the innovative libations that await. The bar’s free-spirited energy and eclectic ambiance offer the perfect backdrop for raising a glass to the spirit of rum.


Pink Taco Miami: Rocker-Chic Flair with a Twist

For those who wish to pair their rum indulgence with a side of tacos and rock ‘n’ roll vibes, Pink Taco Miami is the place to be. This iconic Mexican restaurant infuses its dishes and drinks with bold flavors and a high-spirited atmosphere. Finesse Espresso and the Mojito are just a taste of the rum-infused favorites on offer. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, Pink Taco’s energetic ambiance complements its creative culinary and cocktail offerings.


Hoja Taqueria at Generator Miami: Oaxacan Inspiration Meets Inventive Mixology

Hoja Taqueria invites you to embark on an Oaxacan-inspired rum adventure this National Rum Day. Their hand-crafted cocktails, like the Banana Mole Colada, showcase a blend of flavors that pay homage to the region’s rich heritage. With Mexican-inspired bites and inventive libations, Hoja Taqueria promises a unique and delightful celebration of rum.


MATADOR BAR at The Miami Beach EDITION: Timeless Elegance in Every Sip

For a celebration steeped in class and sophistication, MATADOR BAR at The Miami Beach EDITION beckons. The bar’s rich 1950s charm and world-renowned rum selections set the stage for a refined National Rum Day experience. Choose from the velvety Probus Tippler or the bittersweet Old Fashion Expedition as you revel in Caribbean, Spanish, and Latin-inspired cuisines.


Lido Bayside Grill at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach: Waterfront Paradise of Rum Delights

Lido Bayside Grill offers an unparalleled waterfront paradise where rum-based creations shine. Tropical Vibes and Cup of Life are just a glimpse of the happiness-inducing concoctions that await. With mesmerizing views and an enchanting atmosphere, Lido Bayside Grill guarantees a National Rum Day celebration in unparalleled style.


Monterrey Bar at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach: Speakeasy Sophistication

Monterrey Bar invites you to elevate your National Rum Day celebration within its cool and intimate speakeasy atmosphere. Unveil a world of reimagined classics, featuring extraordinary flavors and fresh ingredients. This Rum Day, indulge in the masterful blend of First Class and revel in the allure of the dark spirit.


Bar Central at SLS South Beach: Adventurous Spirit, Exquisite Flavors

Bar Central at SLS South Beach invites you to indulge in adventurous rum cocktail creations paired with delectable bites. El Guapo, Double Passion Martini, and Espuma Colada are just a glimpse of the innovative concoctions on offer. With its culinary allure and lively ambiance, Bar Central promises an unforgettable National Rum Day experience.


Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach: Oceanfront Paradise of Signature Sips

Hyde Beach, the iconic oceanfront lounge, sets the stage for a National Rum Day celebration in paradise. Soak in the sun and savor the Hyde Beach Mojito or the Old Guate as you bask in the vibrant ambiance and exhilarating vibes that Hyde Beach is known for.


Burlock Coast (The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale): Coastal Charm and Global Rums

For those seeking a relaxed setting with a global twist, Burlock Coast at The Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale is the place to be. Inside the unique RUMBAR, discover an array of rums from around the world. On National Rum Day, enjoy $5 Rum Punch and $5 Select Mojitos all day, while savoring refreshing rum delights just steps away from the serene Fort Lauderdale Beach.


COTE Miami: MICHELIN-Starred Elegance Meets Rum Craftsmanship

Join the prestigious COTE Miami in raising a glass to National Rum Day with their special creation, The El Viejo ($25). This MICHELIN-starred restaurant presents a refined take on the classic El Presidente cocktail, expertly crafted with Ten To One Dark, Havana Club 86, Remy Martin, Cocchi Torino, and Angostura Bitter. Indulge in this strong and flavorful libation at an address that exudes sophistication.


Fiola Miami: Luxury in Every Sip

Elevate your National Rum Day celebration at Fiola Miami, a Michelin-recommended Italian-inspired restaurant. Experience luxury in a glass with The Kassidy ($32), a premium cocktail featuring Bacardi Reserva Ocho Rye Cask, a rare rum blend by BACARDÍ Rum’s Master Blenders. This opulent creation is enriched with Laurent Perrier Brut, St. Germain, and grapefruit, offering an exquisite taste of elegance.


Lost Boy Dry Goods: Neighborhood Charm with a Boozy Twist

Embrace the neighborhood spirit at Lost Boy Dry Goods, a beloved bar where innovation meets comfort. On National Rum Day, savor the Clarified Rum Punch, a concoction of Coconut Cartel Rum, Plantation 3 Star Rum, and more, featuring a blend of flavors that capture the essence of the neighborhood. Happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. ensures an even more delightful experience.


RUMBAR (The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami): Embrace Old Havana Glamour

Transport yourself to the glamour of Old Havana at RUMBAR, the cocktail lounge within The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami. With over 52 rums, Cuban-inspired fare, and a cigar collection, RUMBAR offers an escape like no other. On National Rum Day, relish $5 Rum Punch and $5 Select Mojitos, all while basking in the nostalgic ambiance.


SUGARCANE raw bar grill: A Lively Rum Party

SUGARCANE raw bar grill invites you to a lively rum-filled celebration on August 16th from 6 to 8 p.m. Enjoy the rhythm of DJ and Percussionist Carlub as you delight in half-price featured Havana Club and Bacardi cocktails during the first hour. Join the festivities and experience the vibrant spirit of SUGARCANE.


The Commodore (The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami): Timeless Elegance Redefined

Discover the timeless elegance of The Commodore, the cocktail lounge within The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami. Unveil their new cocktail menu, featuring The Balancing Act ($18), a masterful blend of Jamaican rum, Amaro abano, and sherry. This National Rum Day, treat yourself to a refined and sophisticated libation in a classic setting.


As National Rum Day approaches, Miami’s eclectic venues stand ready to deliver an unforgettable celebration of this beloved spirit. Whether you’re drawn to elegant sophistication, artistic mixology, waterfront paradises, or the allure of Mexican flair, Miami has something for every rum enthusiast. So mark your calendars and prepare to raise your glass to a day of sipping, savoring, and celebrating the magic of rum in the heart of the Magic City.