White Feather Management, the team behind Wynwood’s popular El Patio and Mayami Latin concepts, continues to offer new and exciting experiences by way of their latest opening, Bar La Real. Located in the attic of a historic building in downtown Miami, Bar La Real promises to deliver what they have dubbed the Tropiglam experience, marrying the opulence and elegance that is represented by their powerful mascot, the peacock. Armed with decades of know-how in the world of Latin nightlife, entertainment and dining, the group behind Bar La Real will inject new life into the area through a movement they’re describing as a downtown revival. 


“At Bar La Real we walk the line between elegant and extravagant in everything that we do. From the atmosphere to the sound, all is curated to appeal to that latin dandy, that real life peacock who lives to satisfy their passions for feeling, thinking, dancing and drinking, says La Real’s Art Director,” Carlos ‘Beto’ Perez Fleta.


Peacock translated to Spanish is Pavo Real which directly speaks to royalty, adding a crucial layer of the royal treatment to the center of all that will be Bar La Real. Incorporating the use of an intricately designed craft cocktail menu, nothing about Bar La Real will be without attention to detail; ensuring an elevated experience, every time. House infusion-based elixirs take you through a journey of fruit caviar-topped libations that include a gin-based Harakiri cocktail that infuses a wasabi sake and rose caviar making for a treat that is at the same time delicate and strong. Others include their take on an old fashioned, a twist on a signature mojito and a spruced up gin and tonic; all punctuating the menu that reads like an extensive collection of offerings across many verticals. Champagne and wine lists are enviable as are the extensive offerings in the tequila, mezcal and whiskey space amongst others. Not a drinker? Mocktails round out the menu as do special-blend hookah experiences; so there is something for everyone. 


To keep things groovy, La Real will focus on music programming. As the founders of La Real Academia de la Rumba Latina, a DJ collective in charge of curating and reinterpreting the Latin open format, the team behind Bar La Real is committed to creating a space where Tropiglam thrives throughout. Themed nights will run weekly, creating a consistent set of offerings to satiate all kinds of musical thirsts. 


“Our mission has been the same from inception: to make Bar La Real a unique environment that can only be understood through having lived it. From music to mixology, every aspect of the experience is special and thoughtful in its execution,” says Nicolas Hoyos, CEO.


And Bar La Real won’t be the only new addition White Feather will bring to the protected building; five new concepts promise to pop up within the non-conventional vertical entertainment center called the Republic Entertainment Bureau. A lobby bar, Frutonomy, Cabrón Taqueria Barrio Bajera, Cabrón Basement and Nomada Drinkery Bazaar will all lead the way to Bar La Real. 


“We are excited to take our joint experiences and implement such new and exciting concepts in this historic building. Taking the vision that we have so carefully crafted and watching it come to life in such different expressions has always been at the forefront of what we are building,” says Catalina Monsalve, Operations Manager for the group.


Bar La Real is located at 100 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132. Hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday from 10PM – 5AM. For more information please visit barlareal.com and follow @barlareal.